What the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Means for Your Marketing: 9 Crucial Steps Every Advisor Should Take Right Now

3pm - 4pm EDT

If I owned a financial planning business, these are the 9 crucial steps I would take right now. Join me to learn what they are and how to accomplish them. -- Samantha Russell, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer

The COVID-19 crisis is forcing companies to reevaluate many aspects of their business plans for the foreseeable future and most importantly- to reassess their marketing, communication and growth strategies.

Adoption of digital marketing tactics has never been more important.

We are at a historic moment - This is the MOST amount of time people have EVER spent online. Not being where clients & prospects are spending their time is the biggest mistake you can make right now.

This is the opportune time for you to double down on your marketing efforts and fully embrace a digital communications process.

Join Us to Learn the 9 Steps Every Advisor Should Take Right Now, Including:

  1. What areas of your website to update
  2. Emails you should be sending to clients
  3. How often you should be posting on social media, what content to post, and how to frame it
  4. How to record a weekly video, right on your phone (how to do it, how long it should be, where to upload, how to share)
  5. What information to curate and send to prospects about the pandemic and markets (and where to find that content to share)
  6. How to decipher which blog posts and website pages are attracting the most quality visitors right now
  7. How to use Google Trends and Google Search Console to discover what investors are searching for and how they are landing on your site
  8. The minimum amount of posts you should be sharing on social media, and how to pre-schedule those posts
  9. 7 Free tools to start using to help you accomplish all of these items

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