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Multichannel Automated Campaigns That Reach Your Audiences Where They Are

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Automated Drip Campaigns

Marketing Automation For Advisors Made Easy

Allocate more time towards running your business while Lead Pilot automates the delivery of messages across channels. Easily build and run campaigns at their scheduled days and times, via single or multiple channels.

Campaign Builder
  • Build your own custom campaigns or choose from a wide variety of campaigns curated in-house.
  • Schedule emails and social media posts down to the minute to drip on prospects precisely at the right time.
  • Launch campaigns to specific audience segments for highly personalized touchpoints.
  • Distribute across every channel or just one channel - you pick and choose.
  • Get insights into campaign performance that show top-performing content and where you can improve.
  • Quickly select prospecting campaigns by scrolling through our visual campaigns library.
Mark Sharp
Up until Lead Pilot, I had a disjointed marketing strategy. Its capabilities have allowed me to develop and rollout a brand-building strategy to allow my firm to expand from a regional to a national focus. Lead Pilot has everything I need to market effectively. From my weekly newsletter and custom campaigns to daily social media posts, I have effectively replaced 3 tools (Mailchimp, Leadpages, and Hootsuite with one tool). What's more, there isn't an effective marketing analytics tool to measure marketing outcomes like Lead Pilot. Now I have a read on what's working (and not) and no longer guess where money and time are best spent. Mark Sharp Mark Sharp Retirement

Engaging Content Your Audiences Will Love

Stop wasting time publishing the same syndicated content as everyone else. Fuel your campaigns with the industry’s largest completely customizable content library.

Personal Finance Content
Personal finance content
Graph icon
Life Style
Lifestyle Content
Market Perspectives
Weekly market perspectives
Content aligned to your audience

Editorial Content Aligned to Your Audiences

  • Completely customizable - infuse with your unique voice, add in SEO keywords, and further promote your expertise.
  • Optimized for the reader and current SEO standards.
  • Full-size featured stock image and social media image selected to match each topic.
  • Easily filter content by categories like behavioral finance, insurance, investing, young adult and more.
  • Identify content unique to your target audience with persona filtering for business owners, high-net-worth, millennials and more.
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Marketing Videos that Engage and Drive Traffic

Video library
  • 95% Remember a message from a video
  • 9x More than a written message
  • Video library icon Choose from a number of pre-produced videos in our video library.
  • Optimize media icon Fully optimized for social media, email marketing and landing pages.

Compelling & Attractive Infographics

Visual landing pages
  • 40% Respond better to visual than plain text
  • 60k Humans process visual content 60,000 times faster than text.
  • Graph icon Feeling ignored? Infographics will help you engage with your audience tenfold.
  • Business icon Tired of boring bullet points? So is your audience. Our pre-designed infographics turn complex data and subjects into easy-to-understand visualizations.

See how content marketing can propel your advisor business forward.

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