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You Have a Landing Page, Now What?

Landing pages are increasing in popularity for good reason- companies that employ between 31 and 40 landing pages generate 7 times more leads than those that don’t.

A landing page is a web page that stands by itself. It is not part of your “regular” sitemap, but rather exists for the sole purpose of a specific campaign or call-to-action.

Let’s say your firm has generated a landing page; it’s designed, well-done and ready to go. While landing pages are extremely valuable, letting your landing page sit without sufficient promotion and outreach will produce disappointing effects. How do you go from simply having a landing page to using it to propel your lead generation capabilities? How can you set up your landing page strategy to send prospects further down your marketing funnel?

Define Your Audience

Before you market your landing page, you’re going to want to target your efforts. Landing pages should target a specific niche. Remember, the goal of a landing page is lead generation- if you’re driving traffic from people that won’t be interested in either the content of your landing page or even your services, your conversion rate will suffer. Due to this, you can actually be driving a lot of traffic and still have an ineffective landing page.

investing during market downturn blog CIG financial services landing page

Consider this landing page from CIG Financial Services. The page has a straightforward audience: investors considering investing during a market downturn. In addition, if you scroll to the very bottom of the page, there’s a CTA asking readers to sign up for the firm’s newsletter. Also- this landing page utilizes video, which we know is an extremely effective form of media to use on your landing page.

Maximize the potential of a great landing page by first defining the audience it targets and then getting your landing page in front of that audience. The performance of your landing page depends entirely on the traffic sources landing on it.

Drive Traffic

Once you hone in on the audience that your landing page is designed for, you want to do everything in your power to drive traffic from that audience. Landing page traffic- from the right sources, as mentioned before- dictates your conversion rate. You can use a combination of these strategies to promote your landing page, drive more traffic and ultimately convert more leads.

Social Media

When it comes to landing pages, you definitely want to involve social media in your promotion. 74% of consumers will consult a business’ social media before making purchasing decisions. Other than clients or professional connections, many people viewing your social media are simply interested in hearing what you have to say. They already find your information valuable, but they’re not sure about working with you yet.

social media automation for financial advisors lead pilot
With Lead Pilot, you can automate targeted social media posts that link to curated landing pages.

So, you always want to push out new landing page information on social media. Make sure that you’re sharing social in a way that, again, targets that niche audience, as the example above. Also, of course you can use all social media platforms- but focus your efforts on the platforms where your audience is most highly concentrated.

Social Media Advertisements

You have the option to incorporate paid social media ads into your marketing strategy. This comes in different forms on each social media platform, and all of the options across the board give you the ability to target pretty specific demographics.

Boosting a post on Facebook, for instance, is form of paid social media promotion. You can specify your target audience’s age, gender, location and other detailed targeting categories such as interests.

boost facebook post custom audience targeting

You certainly don’t have to use paid advertisements, but they can be a great way to generate more exposure for a well-performing post. If you’re looking for ways to create effective Facebook ads, check out our blog on writing a Facebook ad to generate more leads.

Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are any piece of content that you offer to a prospect in exchange for some of their information. Including a lead magnet not only increases the chances of a prospect continuing down your marketing funnel but also gives you a key point to draw prospects in as you’re promoting.

Lead magnet APS pension and financial services

Consider this example from APS Pension & Financial Services. They’ve created a landing page that offers a free retirement guide in exchange for a prospect’s name, email and phone number. Successfully marketing this free guidebook to pre-retirees can lead to a lot of connections.

Email Marketing

You can incorporate this landing page into your email marketing efforts. While you can certainly share it with your current clients, emphasize those subscribers to your newsletter that aren’t yet working with you. Just as social media, people subscribe to your email list because they like your insight.

You can achieve this by segmenting your email list and targeting your landing page to subscribers that are not yet working with you.

segmenting email list with lead pilot

In the example above, a segment has been created in Lead Pilot that exclusively contains leads, not clients. You can go even further, too, and break your leads down into additional segments so you can better target them. Regularly sharing your leading pages with these prospects will greatly increase your changes of converting them into leads.

Test It

Only 52% of companies will conduct testing to test the efficacy of their landing pages. Even if you’ve followed all of these steps, the effect of your landing page may still fall flat. Sometimes you simply have to test out different strategies, see which ones are most effective and use that information to make better decisions in the future. 

Consider conducting landing page A/B testing, where you can test the effectiveness of two versions of the same landing page. Sometimes, a small change can make the difference- and A/B testing can be the secret to developing a formula for your landing pages that resonates with your audience. You can change aspects such as the landing page copy, visual media or call-to-action.

Developing a landing page strategy that works for your advisory firm is a process, often requiring trial-and-error. Nonetheless, if you start with these strategy tips, you’ll have the foundation necessary for success. Building off of these steps, you can perfect not just your landing page design but your plan for driving traffic to landing pages and- in the end- converting more leads for your business.

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