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Where Can Financial Advisors Find Content to Post on Social Media?

*Note: all information presented comes directly from the website’s of the services listed. 

66% of small businesses are not confident in their social media strategy. Social media management is no easy feat, especially for advisors. Being well-versed in social media isn’t typically on the list of job requirements for financial professionals-yet it’s becoming a responsibility that many have to undertake.

top 6 business social media marketing challenges

The biggest social media challenges businesses face all circle back to one simple thing: correctly managing your financial advisory firm’s social media  in order to see desired results.

The results you get from social media depend on the content you put out. Over half of consumers use social media to research products, making your social media content marketing a key component of reaching new prospects. If you’re struggling not only to juggle all the social media platforms out there but also to generate content, consider making use of these comprehensive platforms that offer ready-made social media content to financial advisors.

We’ve rounded up some of the top options for financial advisors when it comes to finding content to post on social media, including:

  1. Lead Pilot (by Twenty Over Ten)
  2. Advisor Stream
  3. FMeX
  4. FMG Suite
  5. Vestorly

1. Lead Pilot (By Twenty Over Ten)

Lead Pilot is an all-in-one marketing platform for financial advisors. Besides offering services for landing pages, email marketing, and lead generation, Lead Pilot is a centralized tool for all your social media needs.

Key Take-Aways:

  1. All content is customizable – you can edit the entire piece (Headline, body copy, images, links, footnotes, you name it).
  2. YOU are the author – your byline is listed
  3. You can upload your own content
  4. Library includes a mix of timely, current-events based pieces (added weekly) and Evergreen pieces
  5. All pieces written by Twenty Over Ten’s content team in-house – you won’t find this content anywhere else
  6. Over 580 pieces total
  7. Articles, Infographics, Videos
  8. Social Media posts take visitors back to customized landing pages with your logo, bio photo and contact information

Lead Pilot automates posting across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and email, also ensuring that advisors remain compliant.

customizable social media content for financial advisors on lead pilot

What’s the Content Like?

Lead Pilot’s content library is organized by its newest content first. You can filter your content by a multitude of criteria:

  • Choose between articles, infographics, videos, or interactive content
  • Filter by categories (such as investing, family, or estate planning)
  • Filter by persona or target audience (such as athletes, doctors, or Millennials)

Once you pick a piece of content you like, you can customize it and decide how, when, and where to publish it. Lead Pilot automates the publishing process from there.

Lead pilot customizable social media content library

Lead Pilot generates content in-house rather than grabbing staple content from news sources as many other platforms do. In addition, it gives advisors room to be creative without requiring them to build up social media content with no foundation. Content in Lead Pilot is easily navigable and also constantly updated, making it fresh and relevant for your target audience.

lead pilot social media marketing pros

2. AdvisorStream

AdvisorStream is another marketing automation platform. Conversely, it markets itself as a deliverer of credible content from news sources such as The New York Times, Forbes, and Wall Street Journal. Other than offering curated content from top news sources, AdvisorStream also offers analytics and full compliance.

Key Take-Aways:

  1. Content from national publications like Wall Street Journal, Motley Fool, etc
  2. Cannot edit the content pieces coming from these national publications
  3. The publisher is listed on the landing page as the author, but the advisor’s contact information is also shared on a sidebar
  4. Choice to have content pieces appear on your website as an RSS feed as well (won’t improve SEO but will provide new content for visitors)
  5. When you sign up, you can select which categories/topics you want automatically posted on your social media feeds
  6. Good “Set it and forget it” option.

advisor stream principles

What’s the Content Like?

The content you’ll get from AdvisorStream essentially allows you to license premium content from other credible publishers. When you share this content, AdvisorStream includes your logo, business card, and contact information alongside. Among the content options are articles, infographics, and videos.

advisorstream curated content

You can filter the content by publisher or search for keywords, then share on social media, email the content, or build a newsletter. AdvisorStream then automates the publishing.

advisorstream breakdown

3. FMeX

Financial Media Exchange, or FMeX, operates similarly to AdvisorStream in that it offers a library of over 5,000 articles licensed from financial publishers. It also has an app. With FMeX, advisors can access and share licensed content, upload their own content, and target certain audiences, all while remaining compliant. financial media exchange content library

What’s the Content Like?

FMeX carries a library of structured, unstructured, and regulatory content. You can filter these different kinds of content by category or financial firm. Users have access to curated articles, videos, editorials, and newsletters. From this library, FMeX shares content on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and email. FMeX also highlights that advisors can choose to content to target towards a certain demographic of their audience, such as Millennials or Baby Boomers.

financial media exchange breakdown

4. FMG Suite

FMG Suite offers website building, but also automates social media campaigns and provides a content library. Just like the other platforms discussed so far, FMG Suite is also specific to financial services and therefore provides compliance-friendly content. Its social media tools include a scheduler, social sequences, and monthly “Market Insights” videos.

What’s the Content Like?

The content library contains ready-made videos, multimedia, and newsletters that advisors can push out to their clients.

fmg suite content library

When it comes to FMG Suite’s content, advisors can take a very hands-off approach. Although the platform offers opportunities for customization-including customizable greeting cards and the option to personalize your emails and social media content, for the most part, is published as-is. That means, for instance, that your monthly market insight videos will match other advisors’; FMG Suite also pre-writes your social media posts. While not unique to each advisor, all of the content is very professional.

FMG suite break down

5. Vestorly

Vestorly, the AI-driven content powerhouse, is a popular marketing platform-although note that it does not exclusively serve financial advisors. Nonetheless, Vestorly’s content library spans across many topics, including personal finance and business. The platform automates your social media and provides analytics so you can better understand your results. For a significantly higher price, you can utilize Vestorly Discover; this add-on helps advisors brand their own news site and content hub in addition to increasing lead generation.

What’s the Content Like?


vestorly curated content

Financial advisors need to find their niche within Vestorly’s wealth of content. Its curated content library, as shown above, pulls from sources across the internet in order to find content relevant to your audience. There’s also some Vestorly curated content in the mix, but this platform is ideal for advisors that want diverse content from top news publishers. Additionally, Vestorly allows you to upload your own licensed content to expand your library and automate it for publishing.

Vestorly breakdown

Final Thoughts

All of the platforms outlined above are viable options for financial advisors. They all automate social media and they all provide content.

Still, it’s important to investigate all your options and weigh the pros and cons. It’s tempting to quickly get that social media burden off your shoulders, but make sure you do it in a way that’s best for your firm’s success. Ask yourself these important questions:

  1. Do I want original content, or do I just want to pull from news outlets?
  2. Is it important for me to have creative liberty?
  3. How many services do I actually want from my platform? (all in one vs. JUST content for social media)

Many of these contenders offer free demos or trials. It’s helpful to test the software out before you commit to it. Also, while drawing content from other sources lifts pressure, be wary of becoming a third party on your own social media accounts. It’s doable and ideal to put your personality into your social media accounts while still taking advantage of these resources, which is precisely why customization options are so important.

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