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Where Can Financial Advisors Find Content to Post on Social Media?

Continuously finding strong content to post on your social media platforms is no easy feat, but maintaining a strong social strategy is a huge part of your overall marketing tactics. Of course, you want to create your own content and share it and share posts from third-party sources. You should keep the 80/20 rule in mind for social media, which is where you share only 20% of your own brand’s content and 80% of “other” interesting content.

By doing this, you can connect with others in a way that serves as “networking” virtually. When you share the content of other influencers and businesses, this makes them more likely to share your content in the future, which will open your brand to a whole new audience.

Now that you know a bit more about the 80/20 rule and the importance of sharing strong content, where can advisors find engaging content to post on social media and do you keep track of everything?

Utilize an Editorial Calendar

You work hard to find content to post on social, but it can be a lot to track. So, how do you keep track of everything? This is where a social media calendar can come into play. It helps you visualize your content and organize it to consistently put posts out on your platforms that will resonate with your audience. 

Social media requires strategy so if you want your posts to really connect with your audience, reflect your brand and drive traffic, then you need to have an order. So, as you work to create and fill your calendar with engaging content, where can you find strong third-party sources for sharing? Here are 6 places you can check out.

6 Places to Find Great Content for Social

1. Twitter

Twitter is a great place to find trending information on specific topics. Follow others in your industry and interact with their posts by liking their posts, commenting and retweeting. In addition to engaging with other professionals, you can search Twitter for phrases and hashtags to find content that you can share.

Social Media Marketing

By typing “social media marketing” into the search bar, tons of people and businesses related to social media or that have done posts about social media marketing come up in the feed.

2. Social Media Analytics

What works for your firm and what doesn’t? Does your strategy need some tweaking? A great way to find this out is to check out your social media analytics. While it’s good to maintain consistency, switching things up works well, too. Find what works best for your business and see what types of content work across different platforms. Your audience on Facebook may be different than your LinkedIn audience and you should tailor your posts accordingly.

By checking your analytics, you will be able to refine your content and fill it with truly engaging content to share with your followers. Each platform has a place where you can check the analytics to see which posts are performing the best. As you can see below from Twitter analytics, it shows:

  • Tweets
  • Impressions
  • Profile Visits
  • Mentions
  • Followers

Additionally, it shows the top tweet and top mention, so you can tailor your content to be more like the top tweet.

Twitter analyticsYou can easily find your analytics on LinkedIn, as well. You can set the time frame, but below you can see the data for the last 30 days for:

  • Reactions
  • Comments
  • Shares

You can also see the organic impressions plus sponsored below and see what type of traffic your posts are driving.

LinkedIn analytis

On the Facebook business page, you can click on insights in order to see many different analytics and see what is performing well and what might need some changing. It’s incredibly robust and by checking out the column to the left, you can do a deeper dive into each to find out more about each individual post.

Facebook insights

3. Following Industry Trends and News

Every industry has a different news outlet that caters specifically to its audience.

If you want to curate some awesome content, then identify some of the best blogs in your niche and remember to scan them for the type of content that your audience will really love.

4. Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are great for finding trending topics in your industry. Sign up for some of the ones that relate to your industry so that you can see the type of content that is being put out and it can provide interesting material that you might want to share. At Twenty Over Ten, we send out newsletters at the start of each month and a bi-weekly blog blast as well to provide our clients and prospects with relevant information that we think they might enjoy and that can help answer any financial and marketing questions that they may have. Just like people find this beneficial, if you sign up for newsletters from other businesses in the industry, you will be sure to find relevant information that you could utilize in a future newsletter.

5. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a great tool that helps you to discover what content performs well in each niche. To utilize this tool, you simply search for keywords related to your business or industry and you can find posts about that content. As you can see below, simply typing in “retirement planning,” will bring up articles related to retirement planning which you can peruse and see which might be good for sharing on your social media platforms.


6. Google Alerts

With Google Alerts, you can have content delivered straight to your inbox. To do this:

  • Go to the site
  • Sign up for alerts based on keywords, phrases, and topics
  • Start receiving emails when someone posts about those topics

It’s incredibly easy and what’s even better is that you can have Google sort through it and only bring you the high-quality content or you can choose to receive everything pertaining to a certain topic. It is completely up to you and what works best for your strategy.

Google Alerts

That’s a Wrap

You want to put your own content out there, but as we mentioned above, it’s important to share third-party sources. Not only does it free up some time as you won’t have to constantly produce your own content, but it brings insight from others while allowing you to make connections online. We hope that the above sources help you to more easily find content so that you can give your social media strategy and boost and start driving more qualified leads!

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