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What is Gated Content and How to Leverage It for Lead Generation

Lead generation is the top priority of modern marketers-and determining the best way to approach it is an ongoing task. Getting a prospect on your website is one thing, but actually enticing them to take further steps toward working with your company is another.

You might know about the importance of incorporating calls to action (CTAs) on your website. We’re diving into one specific type of CTA that, if used correctly, will capture the attention of your target audience and generate more leads for your business.

What is Gated Content?

Gated content is any content that requires a prospect to exchange some personal information in order to gain access. The nature of the content can essentially be anything: a checklist, guidebook, your newsletter, or even a full blog post. The content is typically gated with a form field asking for your name and/or email address.

Example of gated content on financial advisor website

YellowWood Wealth Solutions offers website visitors a free risk score analysis but first asks you to enter your name and email address to access it.

What Type of Content Should I Use?

The advantages of gated content are proven, with one site reporting to have increased conversions by 3,806% by switching to gated content from pop-up ads; and again, your content marketing options are virtually limitless. However, you want to make sure that whatever content you decide to convert into gated content is specific and relevant to your leads. If you fail to generate content that people will actually deem worth an exchange of personal information, then you simply won’t get that personal information.

Oftentimes, gated content is employed to block a visitor from viewing a specific landing page until they enter their information to “unlock” the rest of it. This makes it even more crucial to push out content that will pull prospects in immediately. If you’re gating a blog post, for example, are you sufficiently drawing the reader in within the title and first paragraph? All of these are crucial considerations as you’re putting gated content together.

What can I use as gated content on my financial advisor website

Whatever you choose, first evaluate the needs of your client base and craft your gated content accordingly. What types of financial problems is your target audience facing? What would they likely need the most help with if they were to hire you? Take these considerations and use them to create gated content that is compelling and effective.

Example of gated content for veterans financial advisor

In this example from C.L. Sheldon & Company, LLC, the gated webinar is not only pertinent to the firm’s audience of veterans and active military members but also relevant to current events. Making your gated content specifically targeted, such as this, will increase the likelihood of prospects filling out your form fields-and once you achieve this, you’ve automatically established a relationship with the prospect and have more of an opportunity to actually show them what your firm’s all about.

How Can I Get Started With Gated Content?

Once you know exactly what content you want to gate, the question becomes how to go about incorporating it into your website. There are ways to easily build gated content into your website without breaking the bank or reworking your entire design.

Lead Pilot has a gated content tool built right into its interface. With just the click of a button, you gain access to immediate content gating.

customize gated content on landing pages with lead pilot

The great part about this, other than the ease with which you can gate content, is that it’s entirely customizable. Lead Pilot, which also allows users to easily generate branded landing pages, lets you entirely customize the message of your pop-up. This means you can gate any type of content on any landing page you want by adjusting the content block’s different components. Less time trying to work out how to gate content, and more time actually fine-tuning that content.

If you use it right, gated content will be a lead generation machine for your company. By drawing in exactly the type of clients you’re looking for, you will stand a much higher chance of turning leads into clients.

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