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What is Email Personalization + 4 Techniques Financial Advisors Can Start Using Today

In Twenty Over Ten’s last webinar with eMoney we talked at great length about email personalization. In today’s digital world, your prospects and clients expect relevant and personalized content and with so many emails hitting our inboxes daily you HAVE to personalize in order to stand out in the crowded sea of emails.

What does it mean to personalize your email marketing campaigns?

To put it simply, email personalization is targeting an email marketing campaign to a specific subscriber by using the information you already know about them. By using information about your firm’s subscribers to cater to their unique needs, wants, and interests you can increase your firm’s conversion rates. Not to mention the fact that, email personalization helps customers engage with businesses. In fact, 74% of marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement.

How to get the data to personalize emails

So what you may be wondering now is, well how do I even know HOW to segment my contacts in order to personalize emails? Great question!

  1. Tap into your CRM: Integrating your email marketing tools and your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be a truly powerful combination. Besides just name and basic contact information CRMs can also bring in additional data like location, status, stage in customer lifecycle, where they found you (referral source) and more. You can use this information to start segmenting your lists into different buckets.

  1. Use freemiums: When you offer a freemium you also ask for basic information like name and email address in order to send that ebook, checklist, or whatever you’re giving away for free. However, you could also consider asking one other simple question in order to learn a bit more about your prospect. Maybe it’s their annual household income or their job occupation. Once you have this information handy you can segment your contact list based on these variables as well.
    mailchimp segmentation examples
    Some email service providers have recommended segments such as these from Mailchimp to help you target subscribers.

4 Easy Tips to Make Your Email Campaigns Feel More Personal

Now that you have the data necessary about your prospects & clients you can start creating and sending more personalized campaigns!

Tip #1: Change up the sender or from name

The “from” line in your email campaigns will likely be the first thing your receivers see so this is an incredibly crucial piece to pay attention to! We recommend choosing the from name that is going to work best for your advisor business, whether it’s “John, XYZ Planning” or just your firm’s name for brand recognition. Depending on which email service provider you’re using you could also customize this further by using a face instead of a logo. For example, you may want to consider sending your marketing campaigns from the individual advisor from your team that is currently working with a particular client of yours. This incorporates a new level of personalization!

Tip #2: Reference a subscriber’s name in the subject line

The subject line if your first impression when you send an email – make it a good one! Research shows that 47% of users open an email based on the subject line. To make your subject line stand out from the rest in an overflowing inbox, adding the subscriber’s first name to the subject line will help your campaign stand out from their crowded inbox and get more opens.

So instead of “Check out our latest blog post on Roth vs. traditional IRA options” your personalized subject line could be something like, “Hey Jane, check out our latest blog on Roth vs. traditional IRA options.” Personalizing a subject line can drastically help open rates. In fact, MarketingSherpa found that open rates increase by 41% when a personalized subject line is used. If someone referred you to the subscriber, be sure to use their name and put it in the subject line to grab the reader’s attention right away as well! 

Tip #3: Utilize time and location to determine the best send time

If your financial planning firm serves as a virtual practice and has clients nationwide then it’s likely that your prospects are not all in one location either. Because they may be scattered across different time zones it’s important to use data to send your emails at the best times.

Consider using your subscribers’ data to send your emails at the best times. Conducting an A/B test is a great way to determine the prime time to find when your subscribers are likely to open and respond to emails. You can also experiment by sending the same email out at different days and times to see how each email performs. In addition, you can utilize an A/B test to determine how your emails are performing. Find out what works and what doesn’t until you find the niche that you are looking for!

Tip #4: Personalize your business

Email personalization does not have to stop with your subscribers’ data! This is where personalizing your own brand comes into play. Personalization can incorporate a level of human connection between you and your subscriber. Don’t be afraid to let your businesses’ personality show! This is essential when it comes to keeping your subscriber engaged with your email content.

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