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What Do Investors Want to Talk About With Their Financial Advisor? (New Research You Should Know)

The Spectrem Group has released new research revealing exactly which topics investors want to discuss with their financial advisors. This week, Samantha Russell, CMO at Twenty Over Ten, is diving into the findings and summing up how they should impact your firm’s marketing strategy.

Video Transcript

What topics do investors and potential clients want to hear from their financial advisor about? I’m Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten, and today i’m going to be sharing new research with you from the Spectrem Group that actually will tell you exactly what your clients and prospects want you to be talking with them about and sending them more content on.

Spectrem Group research what do advisors want to talk about with their financial advisor

Okay, so this is new research from the Spectrem Group, and they asked investors to rate on a sliding scale from most interested to least interested what they most want to discuss and hear from their advisor about – what topics they want to talk about with their advisor. So number one, not surprising at all, was investments. That makes sense, right? But the second most popular was actually income planning and generating income in retirement. So if this is not something you are currently talking with your clients and prospects about, you want to make sure that you’re adding that to the list of types of content that you’re chatting with them about or things you’re sending them.

Some of the other most popular results, which I have right here in front of me, included things like “current economic events and their impact on my wealth.” So I know sometimes we tend to, you know, shy away from what’s happening because we don’t want to put too much focus on the now, on the present. But I will tell you this research proves that you need to be talking about the pandemic, job losses, the high unemployment rate, the impact it might have on the economy and plan a, plan b, plan c, because these are the things keeping your clients and prospects up at night. And for those that are not currently talking about it with their advisor that they already have, it may lead them to go shopping for another advisor who will talk about these things with them.

Financial advisor social media post COVID-19

These are also things you should be posting on social media about, writing blog posts, creating content, like this video, on. These are the things people want to hear from you and get your take and your thought leadership on these items, so you need to be proactive in putting them out there.

The other two most popular choices were estate planning, so again, if that’s not your area of expertise, you could share content from an estate planner, an attorney, somebody that you trust and you value their opinion on it. And the last one was life stage information. So, where are they? Are they close to retirement, are they, you know, early accumulating stage, and how it impacts their financial health. So things like, hey you graduated from college just recently with a bunch of student loans, how do you manage paying that down while trying to start your own business, right? So think about where your clients are at and sharing content that’s related to their current life stage.

The least popular topics included health-related issues for my parents and grandparents, or health-related issues for my children, and also insurance. Insurance was not as popular as some of the other topics. So that is the research from the Spectrem Group. We will include a link to that study below if you want to get more information.

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So if you’re working with a lot of doctors, physicians new residents, you could have a piece about saving for retirement while also paying off debt, but put in those keywords and phrases that your particular audience will be looking for. Please give this video a thumbs up and while you’re down there subscribe if you haven’t already, and every single week you’ll be notified when we post a new video just like this, helping you market your business better as a financial advisor. See you next week.

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