Webinar Replay: You Got a Lead, Now What?

In this webinar, Samantha Russell, CMO & Business Development Officer at Twenty Over Ten joined with Shauna Mace, Growth Consultant Coach to discuss what to do after you get a lead. After you get someone’s name or a lead, turning the sale into a booked client can actually be the hardest part. Many times, we tend to overcomplicate growth and sales, so Shauna Mace helps advisors by understanding the business, creating actionable plans and helping them to implement tools to help them grow. The following touches on the key tips when it comes to capitalizing on your marketing efforts with a sales process. 

Sales Success Requires: [6:53]

Persistent Connection

The art of sales is the connection and being persistent in a value-added way that can drive a lot of success when it comes to sales. The importance of intentional activity and process is so crucial when it comes to moving someone from a lead to client 


Capitalize on your Marketing Efforts with a Sales Process [7:46]

  • Benefits
  • The components
  • How to build and use a pipeline

Before diving into the webinar replay blog, check out these useful templates to help you craft better emails and boost your overall sales process.

Ready to Turns More Leads Into Sales?

We’ve created useful email and sales process templates plus additional resources to give you a head start.

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Benefits of a Sales Process [8:17]

  • Shortened Sales Cycle
  • Increased Conversion Rate
  • Increased Efficiently
  • Improved Experience
  • Enhanced Referral Relationships
  • Intentional Growth

In an example. Shauna noticed that one of her colleagues wasn’t doing any more activity than other people, but his activity was incredibly focused and intentional. He had a game plan with:

  • Resources to use
  • Who was going to follow up
  • What the follow up would look like
  • Who he would bring in
  • What story they would tell

He had the best “pull-through” rate in his pipeline as well and generally was around 70-80%. 

As a business owner, if you want to get the benefits of having an intentional process, really anyone can do it, and it can have a huge impact on your business. 

The 4 Components of a Sales Process [11:55]

  • Marketing
  • Selling 
  • Service
  • Feedback

4 Components of a Sales Process

How Does This Fit into a Buyer’s Decision-Making Process?

First Component: Marketing

We market to gain leads, to form stronger relationships with clients

How you show up and market is incredibly important to generate the lead and move them into a client.

The Marketing Process includes:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration

Lead Pilot is built as an extension of your website. It can help people to see their value and expertise. This tool can help you to automate some of your follow-up messages, as well, which really helps with the sales process. 

Second Component: Selling

This includes:

  • Consideration
  • Preference
  • Purchase

Third Component: Service

You can learn the tools that we provide for the pipeline can help you to build out a client service model

  • Loyalty
  • Advocacy

Systematically Manage and Convert Leads with a Pipeline [18:51]

This tool helps you to understand where someone is in the process and it helps people to act intentionally. How can you capture the process without having to do it manually? How can you gain efficiency? 

It helps to also gather useful feedback for the business. You can “act as a quarterback” and provide value along the way. 

How To Build and Use a Pipeline 

  1. Stages [20:49]

    First stage of the sales process

Define your stages. Keep it simple and defined. 

  • Unqualified lead
  • Qualified lead
  • Proposal sent 
  • Proposal sent accepted/rejected

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Sales Tip: Many CRM including Redtail, Wealthbox, Salesforce, etc. have a pipeline tool called “opportunity”

Step 2: Define Milestones [23:17]

Milestones in the Sales Dcoument

What is success at each stage? 

The primary milestones by stage are:

  • Unqualified Lead: Qualify they may be a good fit
  • Qualified Lead: Identify Needs and Solutions
  • Proposal Sent: Build rapport, gain buy-in and overcome objections
  • Proposal Accepted/Rejected: Get to a “yes” or “no” and if “yes” action is taken to formalize the relationship.

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With the Lead Pilot tool, we are working to build our platform to make it a better experience overall for our users. 

Sales Tip: Rationale isn’t enough to move someone to act, it also has to feel right. Understanding and acknowledging and reducing obstacles will help.

An example of a qualified lead would be that you have a minimum or you work with a certain type of client, so you will want to have worked with them and deliver the services that they need. 

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Have a basic checklist that will either qualify or disqualify a lead for you. If you are in a place where you can be selective, you should focus your energy. 

In Lead Pilot, you can click on profile insight, our tool will scrape the web to find out everything they can about that person so that they can show you where they work, their job history, etc. because knowing these things can help you to qualify or disqualify people. A lead should be considered unqualified until you can do a bit of research and vet them. 

You need to have a discovery meeting to qualify someone, so there may be some specific attributes that you require or very strongly want to have to consider them potentially as a client. 

Step 3: Define Processes [29:44]

Process of Sample Document

How are you going to accomplish the milestones? This is an opportunity to decide is the activity is in-house or is outsourced, delegated or automated. 

A Sample Process:

  1. Follow up in order to book a call via email campaign in Lead Pilot
  2. Lead follow up campaign to send an email immediately once the lead is received and two additional times within the next five days.
  3. Assign a call task to the designated person if no meeting is scheduling call three days later.

Sales Tip: Timely and persistently follow up increases your chances of success. Follow-ups can help you to validate your value.

An effective follow-up has four components. 

  • Thank you for downloading
  • What is in it for them
  • Your elevator pith
  • Having a call to action and a clear next step. It’s important to make it easy for them to take the next step.

Remember that they may not be ready to schedule but when you follow-up, continue to add relevant value. It helps them to continue to stay engaged. A follow-up call is similar to the email, and you can tell why you are following up, what’s in it for them, provide relevant value and recommended next step or you can schedule a time next week. It’s okay to acknowledge what their challenges are and use them to your advantage. 

Step 4: Define Ownership [38:02]

Sample Document

Every process needs an owner, and it can be a person, team or technology. Giving ownership to someone, having them “buy-in” it will multiply your efforts, so if you are not already doing that, it can be done in the job description, in processes, etc. It can be a powerful way to ensure it gets done. 

Sales Tip: If you start to get a lot of inbound leads, you can create a system and see if you can qualify them without even talking to them on the phone. Most people a lot more potential and capability than they think they have. 

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Gain insights by capturing the pipeline data:

  1. Pipeline amount
  2. Engagement type
  3. Start and close date
  4. Stage
  5. Activity
  6. Next steps
  7. Source of pipeline opportunity

Sales Tip: Reporting on the pipeline at least weekly helps the team to identify what essential data is missing and keeps the most important opportunities top of mind. 

Pipeline Analytics [44:42]

Using the data captured you can report on:

  1. Expected inflows by discrete time periods
  2. Length of the sales cycle
  3. Conversion rate
  4. Health of pipeline
  5. Sources of new business

It will be helpful to understand why certain people are having success, so you will get helpful information if you are managing a time of people. 

Sales Tip: We recommend reviewing pipeline KPIs monthly or quarterly as part of business review. 

It’s so important to create tangible things to work towards your goal. Breaking them down and focusing on what you can control is much more useful and important than having really large goals. With analytics, if you aren’t doing some regular review of your business, (at least quarterly and looking at KPIs) and understanding what you need to keep an eye on as a business owner to stay on track, then you won’t be able to grow your business as easily. It’s important to be doing these daily things nad checking in on regular increments. 

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Use a Sales Pipeline To Be Persistent and: [49:02]

  • Make the most of your marketing efforts
  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve experience
  • Grown intentionally

Do you Have Recommendations for What to Call the “Discovery Call?”

Thank you for reaching out, I’m really interested in getting to understand you and your situation and being able to better understand how we can call. Shauna names it “The Introductory Call.” The key is to just be genuine and think about who you target. 

Lead Qualification Tool in Lead Pilot Tool [50:13]

You can scrape the internet to find out more for each person and you can be given a “Lead Score” It’s a great way that you can filter by Lead Score and you can give feedback on this tool to make their score go up or down, as well. 

If you go to the “History’ tab, you can see what emails you have sent versus what they have opened. You can see if they open it, what they have clicked so that you can see more about their contact history and what they are the most interested in reading. 

You can also build out custom campaigns or curated campaigns. You can build a post-webinar email campaign to drip on your prospects and schedule it out based on the cadence, can set it up for automation and make it easier to drip on people. 

We also do have some really great content that you can easily go through, choose the content, you can send it off as a “one-off,” or to a particular list of people or you can choose who you sent it to, you can decide if you want to just email it, rather than post it on social. If someone fills this out, you can choose what list the will automatically go to. It streamlines the process to go from marketing to selling. Go to Schedule a Demo to learn more about our tools. Learn more about Twenty Over Ten

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What is the Best Cadence For Following Up?

Definitely follow up within 24 hours but consider having a 3-5 email campaign over 2 weeks. I email them MWF and then T/Th of the next week. If you have their phone number, I would give them a call. 

If you hear nothing, you may consider putting them into a monthly newsletter that is ess content but put them in a different type of connection. At Twenty Over Ten, we call that a “Nurture” campaign. After 6 months, we set a task and ask if anything has changed. Just one sentence to try and get a response to re-engage them. 

The best way to get in touch with Shauna Mace is through her website, but you can also connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter

The template below is chock-full of tools that can help you to create your own sales process plus a series of emails that you can use to drip on people when you are trying to convert your leads to sales. We hope that this webinar gave you some useful insight so that you can start working smarter instead of harder! 

Ready to Turns More Leads Into Sales?

We’ve created useful email and sales process templates plus additional resources to give you a head start.

Download The Templates

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