Webinar Replay: Visuals Matter: The Importance of Visual Content in Digital Marketing

Developments in technology have made digital marketing crucial for an advisor’s success—but are your digital marketing efforts really effective? In our latest partner webinar Visuals Matter: The Importance of Visual Content in Digital Marketing, find out why visuals are really the key to making your content meaningful and memorable. Knowing how to incorporate visual content into your website, social media, and other digital communications will boost engagement and capture the attention of prospective clients.

Click play below to learn from Twenty Over Ten CMO, Samantha Russell, and Asset-Map Director of Marketing, TJ Hill, as they demonstrate how to leverage visual communications to your advantage. You can watch the full webinar replay below, or access all of the webinar slides below the timestamps.

Timestamps from the webinar

0:00 – Overview of webinar agenda by TJ Hill

1:06 – How Coronavirus changed our viewing habits

3:52 – Why use visuals in your marketing strategy?

4:49 – How modern Americans consume media

6:33 – Good and bad examples of visual content on advisor websites

8:40 – Statistics on growth and importance of video content

10:19 – Including native images and videos to boost engagement

11:10 – Why to include the word “video” in your communications

11:46 – Overview of infographics and creating them in Canva

12:29 – Combining text and illustrations to give directions

13:00 – How to take screenshots with the Asset-Map Marker

13:50 – Introduction of Samantha Russell and website examples

14:17 – How we “scroll and scan” websites (see example)

16:17 – Another visual example

17:19 – Reusing visuals to convey a message

18:45 – Different platforms where you can reuse your visuals

20:24 – Basics of weekly email marketing

21:32 – Including video in email campaigns: Vimeo and YouTube

22:39 – Images for social media

24:47 – Question: How do you make a picture a link in an email? 

25:20 – Customizing images for social media

26:28 – Finding images for blogs and articles

28:24 – Why should you include images in your articles?

29:44 – Auto-looping GIFS for social media

30:36 – Using Loom to auto-loop videos on LinkedIn

31:22 – How to embed webinar videos and slides into a blog post

33:23 – Analyzing typical visuals distributed by financial advisors

34:30 – Making visuals more engaging

36:07 – Introduction of Asset-Map services and walkthrough from a prospective client’s perspective

40:07 – Asset-Map visuals from an advisor’s perspective

43:48 – Introduction of Twenty Over Ten services

45:09 – Introduction of Lead Pilot services and walkthrough

50:08 – Analytics and customizable content on Lead Pilot

53:04 – Free trials on Lead Pilot now last 30 days, and prices are discounted 50% through Monday, June 1st 

54:13 – Concluding remarks and questions

55:00 – Contact information for Asset-Map

55:53 – Contact information for Twenty Over Ten

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