Webinar Replay: How to Use Lead Pilot + Wealthbox CRM to Boost Productivity and Lead Generation

Twenty Over Ten announced their integration with Wealthbox, a modern provider of client relationship management (CRM) solutions for financial advisors. This partnership will help advisors boost their lead generation and marketing automation by allowing them to sync contacts from Wealthbox to Lead Pilot daily to automate their inbound marketing efforts.

In this webinar, Twenty Over Ten Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer, Samantha Russell and Ernie Lacroix, director of partnerships at Wealthbox dive deep to discuss how Lead Pilot and Wealthbox CRM can sync contacts with a single-click, boost lead generation and enhance the productivity and inbound marketing of financial advisors.

How to Use Lead Pilot + Wealthbox CRM to Boost Productivity and Lead Generation

Statistics on Hypersonalized Digital Marketing [3:31]

These statistics set the stage for why hyper-personalized digital marketing is so important. 

BNY Mellon-Pershing 2018 Study of 1,000 Investors [3:31]

They asked where people were going online to find information out about advisors Google was the number one place that people went to find out about financial advisors at 41%. Social media pages such as LinkedIn and Facebook were next in line. Having an online presence is hugely important as you want to be thinking about what they will find when they search your name or your firms’ name. 

Pew Research in 2019 [4:26]

  • 82% between the ages of 30-49 were using social media, but as you know that number increases.
  • 50-64, 64% use at least one social media site.
  • 65 and up, 40% of them use social media.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, people in the 65+ are signing up so they can connect with their loved ones.

Marketing to Different Generations

 Navigating Social Media During a Crisis

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It shows across all age groups, people are spending time on social media. 

New York Times Research shows That Time Spent with Media Has Gone Up [5:55]

YouTube as seen a 15% increase, NetFlix a 16% and Facebook a 27% increase. 

At YCharts, There was Study in December of Last Year [6:38]

Asking investors and consumers, of all the different options available, which way would you like your advisor to send you or communicate with you on different things? Sending you stats, information, content, tips, different “how-tos” when ti comes to planning. 

By and large, people responded that email is the number one way they want to receive information. People want you to send them the information important to them, directly via email. A great way to be found is to be able to be found by clients. 

Another Study by Neilson [7:50]

This study said that the average person sleeps 8 hours, and of the 16 hours they are awake, ten of them are connected. So, you have to be where the people are to be found. 

Lead Pilot Overview [8:18]

Lead Pilot is a brand new tool from Twenty Over Ten. If you want to learn more go to leadpilot.io. It is not part of the Twenty Over Ten platform, it is not a part of it, but you can use both. It is agnostic to Twenty Over Ten. It combines all of the different tools you need to create an incredible inbound marketing strategy into one platform. 

 Customized Content

  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Email Marketing
  • Branded Landing Pages

Every advisor gets their own branded landing page. 

As clients are engaged, you get lead scoring and analytics to track their performance. ‘It needs to be connected to your CRM to pack a punch and streamline your process. 

High-Level Overview [9:41]

Once you have everything set up, you need to start sharing content and start pushing things out. You can choose a piece from our content library or you can create your own, such as a podcast or video. You can do any of your own original content, as well.  You can simply schedule a one-off social media message and use it. Or you can choose one of the pieces of content in our library, so you can edit it to make it specific to your niche or you can share it as is. 

It’s difficult to stare at a blank piece of paper and get started, but you can edit it from the content and that makes it much easier.  You can even edit the images int here to cater to clients in your niche. You can add any type of:

  • Calls to Action
  • Logos
  • Pop-ups
  • Bio Photo
  • Links
  • Whatever you want! 

Additionally, everything is archived so you can send your compliance team those archives or multiple seats can be added to one account to oversee activity, etc.

You can schedule the time for it to go out, as well. We put everything in there for you, the blurb, everything, but you can also edit that.  You can check emails, leads, clicks, conversion rates all that good stuff. You can also email right from the same scheduler.

Managing Drip Campaigns in Lead Pilot [15:11]

You can have coordinated campaigns that are multi-level drip campaigns and can set up a campaign and then add content to it however you want. You can see all of the content that you have that is pertinent to your niche. You can choose the groups that are best for that group. Go to share setting, choose the day, time, etc when you want to share it. 

So, it can be done as a one-off or a coordinated campaign that can run up to 90 days at a time. All new leads will be dropped into your contacts section  You can have all your needs from Lead Pilot also go into Wealthbox. It can be dropped into your CRM.  You can turn it on so that its a two-way sync so that all your leads can go into Wealthbox or all your Wealthbo leads can go into Lead Pilot. 

Introducing Automated Marketing Campaigns

Get more information about how to use Lead Pilot’s automated drip campaigns with use cases.

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If you’re using your own original content for a campaign you’ll need to create a draft of it first then it can be added into a campaign. If you need help, you can click our support button, and we have a team to assist you. 

The Power of Wealthbox [18:23]

On the left side of the screen, you can see general information and on the right-hand side, you can see upcoming events, tasks and workflows. The center panel is what we call the publisher and below that is the activity. 

With Wealthbox, we tried to solve an industry problem in the wealth space. They tended to be difficult and hard to use, so you didn’t have great options in the CRM space. 

Wealthbox was built with 3 tenants in mind:

  1. Keep it Simple
  2. Make it Beautiful
  3. Make it Powerful

From the publisher, you can do a lot of tasks, such as minimize clicks, you can create a contact, a task, schedule an event or create an opportunity without having to actually navigate to the actual sections. 

You can use the @ function to show that you have spoken with someone. A list of your client will come up with your clients, and you can type the rest of your note about what you spoke about. 

It will cascade down into the activity screen for all of the members of your team to see. In terms of a high-level overview, we can leave it at that. If you are new to Wealthbox feel free to go to wealthbox.com, we do a daily live webinar every day at 1 pm est. You can also sign up for a one on one demo and we do 30 day free trials. 

Visit Wealthbox

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How Does Wealthbox Differ From Other CRMs? [23:58]

When you look at the landscape of the CRM space, you have a lot of CRMs out there where adoption is the key and the number one problem with CRMs typically. You might not get a lot of training with a lot of enterprise CRMs out there. Wealthbox is a simple “sign up and go” process. A little wizard takes you through, 5-10 minutes to walk through the navigation tutorial and then you are up and running. Many of our clients require no training. 

You want to make the tool powerful that it makes a difference in your practice but not so many features that it’s too clunky to use. It needs to be streamlined where anyone can use it. 

Contact Duplicates [26:44]

If a contact is already in Wealthbox, they won’t create a duplicate. If someone is in your CRM with a different contact, because there is a new email, it will create a separate account and you will have to go in and verify that it is the same person. In those instances, a new record will be created and then you will need to merge those records. 

How to Setup the Wealthbox & Lead Pilot Integration [27:40]

You go to manage and connect your accounts. 

Once connected, there are things you can do. 

If you come into contact and you click on one of those and you click on “view’ “edit” any of the contact information that’s in certain areas will be pooled in as long as you have them filled out.  

  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Address,

The only option right now is to have all your contacts or none, so you can choose to do a manual add based on a certain list in settings. 

Download a sample CSV file to show how to set it up then import to add it in as a list. 

You can manage your auto important contacts or you can use the CSV file to import only the list you want to import in Lead Pilot. You can import them by specific lists. Once you import you can create lots of different segments within Lead Pilot. 

Remember keeping it hyper-personalized is very important. You manually create the lists and add them to people. Smart segments are different because they automatically update them for you. 

Smart Segments [30:48]

You can add in all the different places where you want these contacts and preview who will match that criteria, these are called smart segments. Anyone who matches these criteria will be automatically imported.  You can do it by lead score, what company they work at, etc. 

Lead Scoring in Lead Pilot [32:06]

The lead score is a proprietary algorithm that we created that will give someone a quick score between 1-100 that will give you a sense of how good of a lead that person is. It will be a matter of how engaged they are with your content.

You can also click profile insights on their page and it will pull in everything we can find publicly available about that person. Where they work, where they live, how old they are, gender. You can also take this information and put it in your CRM.  These are all different ways to develop a partnership as time goes on and a great way to unlock analytics about leads.

Analytics [33:51]

You can also get a lot of analytics about what’s performing best. So you are doing very specific emails and an entire campaign is used and you want to see how a campaign performed, you can go in choosing a certain campaign. Build your asset map and then you can see how many people opened it, clicked it. You can filter down and look at performance based on a piece of content or landing page.  You may see what platform gave you most impressions but others will be clicked.  

Three Tips and Best Practices from Wealthbox [40:47]

  1. Your CRM is not just for your clients, put your prospects in there too.
  2. Use the tags to drive your digital marketing efforts to take those tags from the list that you would then
  3. WorkFlow. Take advantage of workflow features to systemize your processes in a repeatable and scalable fashion.

Sending something to everybody bi-weekly is the best way to stay in front of everybody. It’s a great way to make people feel like you are paying attention, you are sending them relevant content and you’re out there still working on their behalf. 

It really helps advisors that work from home right now. If anyone is interested in getting started right now, we are offering a free 30-day trial as soon as you sign up. You automatically get the fee applied to your account. Go to leadpilot.io and create an account here. 

Questions Asked and Answered During the Webinar:

Is Wealthbox Cloud-Based?

Yes, it is cloud-based

If you Capture Them with an External Campaign and They Later Interact With a Post or Campaign Created Within Lead pilot, Would Lead Pilot Consider That New?

All of the insights you see here are only for people clicking on things in Lead Pilot. You can share them through a manual share. It can still track all oft he data of anyone who clicks on the link to the lead pilot app. 

If you Remove a Contact from Lead Pilot, Will it Remove Them From Wealthbox?

If you remove a contact form Lead Pilot, it will not remove them from Wealthbox.

If I Want to Send One of Lead Pilot’s Articles to One Particular Client, What Method Would you Recommend?  Is There a Way to Send an Email Via WealthBox and Then Include a Link to One of Lead Pilot’s articles?  or is there a better method?

You can send via Wealthbox or your Lead Pilot account to a singular client

Will the Analytics show in Wealthbox for the individual client? Meaning will it show all of the campaigns sent to the client and how many times they opened content?


Can you Smart Segment Based on WealthBox Tags?

Yes, you would need to create new tags within your Lead Pilot account

If we Set up the Integration so that New Wealthbox Contacts are Added to Lead Pilot, Will our New Wealthbox Contacts Automatically be Added to Lead Pilot Email Lists?

They can auto-import as Lead Pilot has a data migration team to important contacts.

Schedule a 1:1 Demo With the Lead Pilot Team

Schedule a Demo

Or email marketing@leadpilot.io to connect with the Lead Pilot marketing team.

How Does Someone Post Their Own Content?  How Do you Create a Blank Draft?

Under the “content” tab click the purple “compose” button in the top left

How Does the Content Differ From the Website Plan?

the Lead Pilot library includes much more content including videos, infographics and lifestyle editorial content. https://support.twentyoverten.com/article/content-options/

Struggling With What Content to Share on Social Media or via Email?

We are offering access to our content for advisors to use via Lead Pilot for 7-days completely free (even on our month to month plans).

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