Webinar Replay: How to Get the Most out of Your Lead Pilot Account

Managing your marketing can raise the blood pressure of even experienced and organized marketing gurus. Throw in trying to get familiar with a new tech platform and your head is likely to spin right off. We get it. And we want to help. Click play below to learn how to get the most ROI from your Lead Pilot account from Twenty Over Ten Chief Marketing Officer, Samantha Russell.

Timestamps of how to make the most of your Lead Pilot account:

0:00 – Introduction and preliminary audience polls

3:30 – Lead Pilot start guide

5:08 – Overview of complimentary onboarding sessions and marketing coaching sessions

6:10 – Tips for sharing content

6:50 – Benefits of customizing content in the Lead Pilot library

7:15 – How to customize content in the library

8:35 – How to share content to segmented lists via email

9:28 – How to schedule your content to be distributed at different days and times on multiple social media platforms

10:15 – Customizing the messaging on your social media posts

11:15 – How to set up drip campaigns for a particular topic

11:50 – Setting up your first campaign

12:10 – Adding content into your campaign from the library

12:38 – Adjusting and customizing sharing settings for campaigns

13:37 – Selecting the days and times to launch each piece of content for your campaign

14:08 – Best places to find free images

17:40 – Pre-built campaigns [coming soon!]

19:13 – Advantages to posting on different social media channels on different days and times

20:25 – Recommended timing for emailing vs posting to social media

21:33 – Running multiple campaigns simultaneously

22:13 – Reaching out to marketing@twentyoverten.com to suggest future content for the library

22:54 – Benefits to setting up a drip campaign vs sending an individual piece of content

23:12 – Sending one-off custom messages on social media

25:19 – Instagram

26:00 – How to segment contacts into lists and choose lists for a drip campaign

26:40 – Smart segments

28:34 – Sending email campaigns to smart segments

29:25 – Different campaign status meanings

30:00 – Best ways to import and segment contacts

32:02 – Viewing individual contact history

32:31 – Email deliveries vs. email opens and clicks

33:55 – Audience poll

35:00 – Best cadence for email send times

36:12 – How to customize your landing page template design

36:30 – Assigning seats and teams in Lead Pilot

39:12 – Customizing your landing page background colors and design for increased conversions

39:30 – Adding tools like Asset+Map or eMoney for higher conversions

41:00 – How to pull your brand colors from the Twenty Over Ten platform

41:20 – Customizing the content on your landing page template like your sidebar, pop-up form, calls-to-action (CTAs), etc.

44:06 – How to gate content like a downloadable guide, checklist, etc. on your landing page

45:34 – Best practices for CTAs

46:27 – Overview of Lead Pilot marketing coach program

48:28 – Reminder of booking complimentary 20-minute onboarding call