Webinar Replay: How the Most Successful Advisors Fill Their Calendars With Qualified Leads Using Lead Pilot

In our latest webinar, Twenty Over Ten Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer, Samantha Russell shares all the secrets and walks you through step-by-step exactly how to start filling your calendar with qualified leads using a single tool, Lead Pilot.

Timestamps From How the Most Successful Advisors Fill Their Calendars With Qualified Leads Using Lead Pilot:

0:00 – Introduction, connect with Samantha on LinkedIn and Twitter

4:37 – The Digital Referral Shift: Using Online Reviews and Social Media to Boost Your Recommendations

6:00 – BNY Mellon | Pershing study of 1K investors on how they find information about advisors

6:46 – The inbound marketing funnel

7:14 – Twenty Over Ten website showcases

9:06 – From Zero to 100: Lessons for Starting a Financial Planning Business (With Kyle Moore, CFP®)

10:41 – Inbound vs. outbound marketing

11:51 – Why aren’t more advisors capitalizing on the digital referral shift to grow their business?

13:08 – How Lead Pilot captures the entire inbound marketing funnel to help you efficiently better manage your inbound marketing efforts

13:36 – Importance of personalizing your content and how to use identifier words in your titles to get more engagement

15:26 – Lead Pilot’s content library overview

16:40 – How to hyper-personalize content within the Lead Pilot library to resonate with your audience

18:12 – Sharing content across your social media platforms, setting send times and dates and customizing your social posts

19:00 – What happens after you share a piece of content

20:26 – Sharing content via email to contact segments and customizing email content

22:21 – CoSchedule headline analyzer tool

23:21 – 4 things not to do when sharing social media posts

27:30 – Turning content from the Lead Pilot library into video

32:49 – Managing contacts within Lead Pilot

33:27 – Lead Pilot integrations with Wealthbox, Redtail and Riskalyze

34:45 – How to uncover contact history within Lead Pilot to see the actions a prospect has taken

35:13 – How Lead Pilot’s AI-powered LEAD Score works

35:38 – Lead Pilot’s profile insights

37:34 – Difference between lists and segments within Lead Pilot and how to use each effectively

38:23 – How to use content from Lead Pilot and use it on your advisor website and the SEO benefits

39:01 – Using an RSS feed to flow content from Lead Pilot to your website’s blog page

40:37 – Pricing for Lead Pilot

41:32 – Current discounts and coupon codes for new Lead Pilot sign-ups

42:37 – How to register on your own and create your Lead Pilot account

43:25 – How automatic drip campaigns work in Lead Pilot

44:32 – Lead Pilot’s pre-built curated campaigns

45:50 – How to decipher analytics on Lead Pilot to determine content performance on each social media platform, email, etc.

46:34 – How to get started with Lead Pilot and schedule a 1:1 demo

47:33 – Best practices for posting on social media – what to do what not to do

49:50 – Infographics and video content available within the Lead Pilot library

51:32 – How to connect with Samantha on LinkedIn and Twitter

51:39 – Q&A session

56:13 – Financial Advisor Fees: How to Include Them On Your Website

57:00 – Closing, how to sign-up for Lead Pilot and book a 1:1 demo

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