Webinar Replay: 5 New Tactics to Virtually Engage Your Clients and Prospects

In this webinar, Twenty Over Ten Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer, Samantha Russell and Sean Brown, President and CEO at YCharts, Inc. to discuss YCharts and five tactics to help you virtually engage with your clients and prospects.

We started out chatting about five new tactics to engage your clients and prospects. YCharts is a cloud-based application that:

  1. Enables smart investment decisions
  2. It provides great content for better prospecting and communications

Agenda [5:41]

  • How to tastefully implement visuals into your email marketing initiatives for higher open and click-through-rate
  • The keys to leveraging zoom and video
  • How to use visual marketing on social media to ensure your content stands out
  • Best practices for using visual elements to enhance your blog post engagement and shareability
  • Q&A

YCharts Surveyed 650 Clients of Financial Advisors [7:27]

They found:

  • Clients are not feeling engaged
  • Clients want more personalized communication
  • Communications can directly impact your success

Get the full report on client communications from YCharts below.

How Can Advisors Better Communicate
With Clients?

Full Report from YCharts

Check It Out

There Were Serious Consequences of Not Communicating Well. 

  1. An  individual will not feel good if they aren’t getting adequate communication
  2. Referrals are the number one source of ways that get clients
  3. If you’re not communicating well, you may lose your clients.

What Did We Learn? [8:23]

  1. Email is King
  2. Pick up the Phone
  3. Don’t Give up on Social Media on your Website

If you know a client who likes phone calls, then those are the ones you should prioritize calling. You want to hear that they are aware, that you will hear from them next. 

Now is the time for advisors to shine and take away the worries from your clients. Look at your clients, not as a homogenous group. Their needs are not all the same. Groups that are over 50 versus groups that are under 50 have different wants when it comes to communication. Under 50 includes social media, web blogs, etc. 

In a study, it showed that most people under the age of 45 find most of their advisors via Google, while people over 45 find most of their advisors with referrals. 

The Advisor Client Communications Framework [11:49]

As a result of the survey, we asked:

How are we going to help advisors better communicate?

We learned to be introspective and have them take a look at where they are currently. 

  • Who is the audience?
  • Are you broadcasting something?
  • Or are you narrow-casting to one or a couple of customers? 

Consider the cadence. Is it something that is scheduled? An ad hoc thing would just pop up. We aked advisor to think about the quadrants have some tactics and compare yourselves to the best in the industry. 

In the Quadrant:

  • Broadcast/Scheduled
  • Broadcast/Ad Hoc
  • Narrowcast/Scheduled
  • Narrowcast/Ad Hoc

See what you are doing best at it and put a plan into play. Ad Hoc can be challenged if they have to jump through a lot of hoops with clients, but just become something is coming up or timely, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Also, you don’t have to recreate the wheel every time. If you had a really great blog post that you could repurpose, then you can do that and make it timely. 

Start evaluating your own strategy with the printable version below! 

Advisor-Client Communications Framework

Printable Version

Check It Out

Take the pressure off of yourself to create all of your content. With a bit of permission, they may be fine with you repurposing their work, as well. It helps your clients to receive helpful and valuable information. With Lead Pilot, compliance teams are able to preview it. 

Digital Marketing Funnel [15:30]

When thinking about the different messages, there will usually be one or two areas of why we are putting that message out. 

  1. Are we trying to attract a client?
  2. Do we want to convert someone to an actual client?
  3. Do we want to close a client?
  4. Do we want to make a client happy?


You can attract prospects by utilizing a blog, have a mobile-friendly website, SEO, social media posts or through a strong advisor website.


You can convert them by including a compelling call-to-action, providing forms that they can fill out or through the use of specific landing pages.

Close Prospects

Once you have their information and you can drip on them, you do that through email and drip campaigns and nurture the by segmenting them into specific lists. 

Delight Them

Once they are a client, you can send them specific information based on what you know about them as a person.

As more and more advisors are moving form in-person to digital means and virtual tactics, we want to hone in on five tactics that can help you to better engage with your clients.

Tactic #1 Send Weekly Emails [17:50]

Email is the top preferred communication strategy of all. 

Format ideas that work:

  1. Start by sharing curated news articles
  2. Share your own blog post
  3. Share a personal story

Tools that you can use are:

Creating a Successful Email Newsletter

A Financial Advisors Checklist

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Adding a personal touch is a great way to engage with clients and prospects. Embrace sharing personal stories in your email marketing and build the connection. Don’t put the pressure on yourself, because people love to get to know you. Don’t miss an opportunity to personally connect while also sharing useful information.

3 of the Best Financial Advisor Email Marketing Campaigns

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Tactic #2 Host a Webinar [21:52]

Since people can’t go to conferences and seminars, they still want to connect and learn, and so webinars are appearing as a great means to do this.  With webinars, you can create a piece of content that you can repurpose over and over again. 

When you use tools like Zoom you can easily record yourself, repackage and send it back as a piece of evergreen content. You can put it on your blog, email, etc. 

How To Use Webinars To Generate More Leads
For Your Advisory Business

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You are doing a great service by hosting a webinar, so you can provide a lot of value. 

Webinar Tips:

  • Timing is everything
  • Create a landing page/registration page
  • Have the right tech in place and test your tech beforehand
  • Have pre-webinar and post-webinar promotions in place, such as sharing it on your website homepage banner, email/newsletter/social media
  • Identity most engaged leads post-event

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, so you can explain something or you can just show someone a useful chart.

11 Ways Financial Advisors Can Increase Webinar Registrations

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Tactic #3 Record a Video [26:24]

We love video right now because of the in-person events are at a stand-still, so being able to allow them to see your face, hear your voice, provide hand gesture, it goes a long way to help them get that familiarity back. For new prospects, it’s a great way to build rapport. 

It doesn’t need to be a high production value.

Tips to Recording a “Talking Head’ Videon Right on your Phone

  • Find good lighting with the light source behind the camera
  • Position talking points behind the camera
  • Position camera at eye line or higher
  • Speak extemporaneously
  • Start with a story or a state to hook viewers

The secret on Getting People to Watch

  • Have a great thumbnail. You can use Canva for this.
  • Hook people in the first 15 seconds
  • Use PPP Formula 



The Marketing Tool You Have Been Missing

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Tools you can use are:

  • Headliner for Captions
  • YouTube for Hosting and Thumbnails
  • Ring Light/Tripod for Filming
  • Loom for Video Recording

Webinar Replay

Video Marketing From Start to Finish

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Tactic #4 Boost your Social Media Presence [30:29]

You should be posting daily

Images and Infographics are shared, liked and commented on 3x more than on other posts, so make sure you are using these with your posts.

If somebody were to ask you today, “where do you think you could find the most ideal number of ideal clients?” 

To get access to those people, social media is a great way to do it. If someone liked your post, then everyone who follows that person will see their engagement, so it’s a great way to get others to see, like and engage with your content, therefore growing your social media network exponentially. 

Interaction is so important because if you lie and engage with others, they will be more likely to engage with your content.

Social Media for Financial Advisors

Social Selling Guidebook

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The 4 Social Media Post Commandments

  1. Don’t start posts with “I,” “my,” or “We.” Rather tell people why it’s worth it for someone to engage with your content. 
  2. Don’t Use Passive Voice. Use impactful and powerful language that is compelling
  3. Write for a specific audience. Don’t be too broad.
  4. NEVER share an article or image with no context as to why. We have so much to look at, so we only like to look at things that are important.

Increase Your Social Media Engagement

4 Things NOT To Do in Your Social Posts

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Tools to Help with Social Media 

Lead Pilot is great for social scheduler, analytics and content

Share your Expertise Via Weekly Blogs

Advisors that are getting 10 or more clients per year, the top things they had in common was that they posted blogs at least 1-2 times a month.

Effectiveness of Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors

Trends Survey

Get the Results

Tactic #5 Share Your Expertise Via Weekly Blogs [37:37]

Articles with an image once every 75-100 words receive 2 times the shares on social media as articles with fewer images. 

  • Make your own
  • Source from web
  • Create Infographics
  • Use Y charts


Tools that we suggest using are:

  • Twenty Over Ten for your website, blog, Content Management System and hosting
  • YCharts for Charts, Model Portfolios and Custom Reports
  • Lead Pilot for content and landing pages

How to Use Y-Charts [39:47]

With YCharts, you can:

  • Build, Visualize and Compare Investment Strategies
  • Create Visuals to Share Your Insights
  • Engage Clients and Prospects With a Personalized Experience

You can show the different retailers based on the economy and you can easily create these with Ycharts. If you want to download the image, then you can quickly export it from YCharts and then send it out however you want to. 

Another example of a chart is from market volatility, so how has this fit with returns for the market. You can very, easily add a title in with the graphs, export it, etc. You can also tweet something out where you can do an “Ad hoc blast” because something was interesting and you wanted to share it. 

You can easily use content to support and communicate to ways that you are trying to speak with your customers. 

At YCharts, you can put some pre-canned, regularly cadenced emails in front of your clients. We work with you to quickly set up a daily market update that comes to you. You will see it discusses a bunch of different things about the market. You could easily send it to some of your clients that you think might like this, so they can send it to the advisor first, say you think their clients may like it, and then they can email it out to them. 

These charts can be repurposed on your blog, your website, your media, etc. 

How Would You Add This Data to a Blog Post, Landing Page, Etc.? [46:45]

Lead Pilot can come into play that covers all elements of the digital marketing funnel. 

In Lead Pilot, we have a robust content library and every month we add 20 new pieces. Stock Market, lifestyle content, etc. There is a mix of editorial infographics and videos and soon interactive. 

How Does Lead Pilot Help? [47:07]

You can filter all by categories and persona. We have trending topics, as well. You can completely compose your own pieces for distribution. 

You can use your own or our own pieces in our library. The pieces are completely editable, so you can customize it based on your niche, audience, add images, graphics and drop them right in. 

You can update any of the images and preview them to what it will look like. 

What Can You Do With Lead Pilot?

We can help you set up your logo, your templates, whatever CTA you want. Every time you want to add a new logo, it will automate to fit the brand, so you don’t have to redo it every time. You can post it one or schedule it for later or do a manual share. 

You can email it out, share it to social media, so you are not just directing someone to a social media post, but you are captivating them and getting their information so that you can drip on them. They will come into the backend of Lead Pilot as a contact. It is two-way integration so data can be done both ways. 

You can click on history and see everything that was opened and sent, so you can see what topics they are the most interested in. 

You can find a lot of intel on the lead with Lead Pilot, so you can start to build a robust profile that will allow you to convert them from a lead to a client much easier. You can build all different kinds of lists, as well as what we call smart segments. 

With Lead Pilot, you can pull all of the analytics into one dashboard, so you can see what gives you the most leads versus the most engagement, You can even see how one particular piece of email is performing. 

The cadence is important, as well, so with our drip campaigns, we make this really simple.You can come in and customize the picture, what it says, add new pictures, and you can start it now or create a custom start date for later.  We are making this as simple as possible for you to do this. Lead Pilot is also great for webinars because you could take all the contacts in your webinar, put it into a list and use it as a post-webinar email drip. 

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