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Video Marketing Content Ideas for Financial Advisors: How to Create Ready-Made Scripts With Lead Pilot

87% of marketers are already using video as a marketing tool. When it comes to your marketing strategy, visual content is a must, and video is one of the most effective kinds.

Why, then, are all advisors not making use of video marketing? Just like any other portion of your marketing strategy, execution requires time and hard work; and one of the biggest barriers, it requires a constant flow of ideas that your audience will actually value.

If your struggles with what to actually say on camera are stopping you from taking advantage of video marketing, Lead Pilot can help you out. With a robust content library of articles that easily double as video scripts, you can spend less time worrying about the content itself and more time promoting, sharing, and benefiting from it.

1. Reference the Content Library

Lead Pilot’s library of customizable content, specifically curated for advisors, is regularly updated and easy to navigate. Simply peruse the content library and pick any recent piece, or categorize your search to find something specific.

lead pilot customizable content library categories

You can narrow down the content library by categories, such as insurance and estate planning, or target audiences, such as pre-retirees and millennials. Once you find an article that you like, you can create a draft and customize it as needed or simply use it as-is.

2. Submit For Compliance

If you need to first submit the written content for compliance, you can easily download a compliance PDF in-app and submit it to your team.

Lead Pilot content library compliance PDF

Once the content is approved for compliance, you can get started with shooting your video.

3. Use It as a Script

Here’s the part where you get into the actual making of your video: all Lead Pilot content is created with the organizational flow in mind. Due to this, all of your main talking points will already be highlighted, easily outlining all the points you want to hit on in your video.

You can approach this in the way that works best for you. If you just want to keep those main points in mind and improvise once you’re in front of the camera, you can- but if you’d rather have the transcript laid out for you, you can easily follow all the content of the article itself.

Lead Pilot content library for financial advisors

For instance, in this article about the behavior gap and the stock market, the main points are all broken down: it explains what the behavior gap is, 4 emotions that create behavior gaps, and how to lessen the behavior gap for yourself. All of the content you need to create an informational, comprehensive video about the topic is there for you to use in your video- and all sources are cited, ensuring that the information you’re providing is 100% accurate.

4. Share It On Social Media

With Lead Pilot’s pre-built landing pages, you can easily post the original article and your video to your website. You can also automate sharing to all of your social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Lead Pilot automated social media sharing

With Lead Pilot’s social media integration, you’re able to:

  • Customize your social sharing message, or use the pre-made one from Lead Pilot 
  • Customize your social sharing image, or use the default one from Lead Pilot 
  • Post immediately, schedule a post or post manually 
  • Automatically archive so you remain compliant

Take Advantage of Video Marketing

Over half of consumers want to see more video content- and for good reason. Videos are often more compelling than writing when it comes to brands; prospects can see your face, hear your voice, and get a much better sense of your personality than they would in a regular article or social media post.

Video content ideas with lead pilot

Lead Pilot makes it easy for all advisors to develop a video marketing strategy that will grow your business and give you a positive ROI. The only work you have to put in is recording the video.

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