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The Secret Social Media Strategy That Will 5x Your Engagement

It’s no question that social media has been one of the most favored assets when it comes to generating leads and growing your business, but many overlook two simple tricks that can increase your engagement up to 5x. In today’s video Samantha Russell, Chief Evangelist for Twenty Over Ten and FMG Suite shares the secret social media strategy that will 5x your engagement.

Social Media Strategy

Last year, I saw a huge increase in the amount of engagement on my social media posts. And today I’m going to share the secret with what I did to increase the amount of engagement that I got. I’m Samantha Russell, the chief evangelist at FMG Suite, and Twenty Over Ten. And it’s actually quite simple.

80-20 Rule

So what I discovered was something that I now refer to as the 80 20 Rule. And Here’s the thing, for most of us, we know how to be posting media on social media, right? We have a link back to our blog or a great infographic that we share, but what we forget to do is to be social. So I did an experiment last year where for every one thing I posted. So I’m usually posting once a day on a platform like LinkedIn, multiple times a day on a platform like Twitter.

I would for every one thing I posted, comment on five other people’s posts. Now, Here’s the thing, right? That means it’s the 80 20 rule. The 80% of the time you’re actually engaging and commenting on other people’s posts. 20% of the time posting your own information. And the reason this is crucial, it’s twofold. Number one, think about human psychology, right? Whether we know it or not, subliminally, pay attention to reciprocity. So somebody does something for us. We feel more obligated to do something for them in return. So when someone leaves a comment on our post, when we go and see them in our feed, we’re going to be more likely to leave a comment on theirs.

Social Media Algorithm

The second reason that this works really well is that the algorithm when they start seeing a lot of comments between two people, they’re going to show that content content more often in that person’s feed. So if I Samantha comment on John’s posts, and then later that day, I post something of my own, John is more likely to see my post because the algorithm sees these connections between the two of us.

So if you haven’t tried it already, give the 80 20 rule a shot. Every single day when you wake up in the morning, pencil just 15 minutes into your calendar, choose five posts and leave comments on them and see if it helps you grow your own engagement.

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