Inbound Marketing

The New Inbound Marketing for Financial Advisors

By now, we are sure that you know the importance of inbound marketing as a financial advisor. So, what exactly is inbound marketing? It is a strategy where you focus on attracting potential customers by creating content that will drive leads to your website, rather than “selling” a product.

Times have certainly changed in the way that financial advisors attract customers and how they do business. However, for many advisors, traditional marketing strategies just aren’t doing the trick anymore. Gone are the days of sending out mass snail mail and marketing pieces, but rather with inbound marketing, financial advisors are forming and maintaining a presence online in order to generate more leads.

What is the Best Inbound Marketing Strategy?

Of course, like anything, there are certain ways for how to get the most “bang for your 💵” and most of the time it’s a trial and error approach to see what works best for you and your company. Practice makes perfect, so don’t expect to have the best results as soon as you start, but rather if you work efficiently and try to learn from mistakes, then you are certain to create an awesome inbound marketing strategy that works best for your business! Read on for our top eight tips to make sure you are doing this the right way!

1. Keep Messaging Simple and Direct!

Like any working professional, financial advisors are extremely busy, so they are not going to take the time to peel through a cluttered website HOPING that they can find the answer they want. It is crucial that you keep it simple and make the important information easy for your visitors to find. According to HubSpot, 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on your website so you don’t have much time to capture your audience!

If your visitors like your message, then they will are more likely to search your other pages. The longer that they stay on your site, the more likely they will be to offer up their contact information. That being said, the main message on your homepage should be straightforward and to the point. The further into your website a lead goes, the better chance he or she will become an actual client.

2. Make the Navigation User-Friendly

We know the importance of keeping a website uncluttered and simple. With single-page scrolling sites and many different framework options, the ability to make a website user-friendly is becoming more and more important. If a site has too many tabs, then it can be easy for your visitors to get lost. Website navigation needs to ensure that leads can find the information they are seeking. Navigation from the top is the easiest without too many topics per page. Keep this in mind to help generate more leads.

3. Important Messages Need to Go Up Top

Just as when you are reading the news, the important and compelling messages need to be visible and catch the readers’ right away. Why would you move pertinent information to the bottom? Visitors want to be able to see updated blogs or any new information that wasn’t there before. You don’t need to keep this information hidden, because they may not scroll all the way to the bottom or to another tab.

4. Use Compelling Messages

Be a great storyteller. How do you captivate your readers? Tell a relatable story or something that gives the background behind your company. Be sure to use compelling images to share some of that story on its own. Real images of people at the firm or a meaningful photo that draws your readers in, is much better than stock photos.

Think of your pictures as an opportunity to develop a visual image of you and your firm. Images should also be relevant. If you want your website to stand out to a certain niche then tell stories and use images that will cater to people in that group.

5. Update Original Content on a Regular Basis

Providing content is such an important part of your website because you want to show your readers that you are a thought leader in the industry. Why would visitors contact you if your website doesn’t portray you as a reliable source? The content needs to be straightforward and provide answers as we have mentioned before, especially with the short attention span of most readers.

If your website has a blog section (which it should!) then this is the perfect time to write about trending topics in the financial industry to prove that you are trustworthy. If prospects and clients know that they can find answers on your site, then it will make them likely to come back again and eventually become a customer.

6. Provide Free Offers

If the content on your website doesn’t quite convince them to make the next move, then offer something free such a downloadable eBook if they click on a Call-to-Action (CTA) button. It is best to avoid offers that require visitors to submit data, as they do not want to give away private information or may fear that they will be “spammed.”

7. Say No to Distractions

Keep trivial things and distractions to a minimum in order to make sure your visitors don’t become sidetracked. Some examples of distractions can include too many calculators, white papers, or linking content that doesn’t open to a separate page. When trying to link in order to improve SEO, you want to ensure that the readers aren’t distracted because your website page was lost. Though you want to have a lot of useful information, you don’t want your site to appear cluttered. This is the perfect example of “quality over quantity.”

8. Ensure your Visitors Feel Safe

This is so important because you want your website to give the feel that you are reliable so that you can gain clients. Why would someone submit information if they did not think that you keep it secure? They simply wouldn’t. If you produce top-notch information and are trustworthy, then you should have no problem with this!

Inbound marketing has become a huge part of being a financial advisor these days. Gone are the days are only gaining leads through referrals and mass emails. By following the steps above and continuing to work hard, your advisor website will be a lead generation machine.

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