The Dos and Don’ts of Prospecting During a Market Crash

In the midst of the market crash, there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to prospecting for clients. At this time, it’s important that you do remember that you provide a valuable service that people need, and there is no shame in that.

Think of appliance repair workers for instance…with people at home and cooking all their meals, not having a working refrigerator would be detrimental. No one would fault an appliance repair company for taking on more work and sharing information about their business in a time like this. In a similar way, as an advisor, you offer a much-needed service. So many Americans are paralyzed by fear right now and are looking for help on what to do when it comes to their investments. So, how do you handle this?

The Dos and Don’ts of Prospecting Right Now


Do – Keep Putting Out Great Original Content That is HELPFUL

This is obviously always true as a general best practice when it comes to inbound marketing and content marketing, but it rings even more true in times like these. People are flocking to the internet to find out answers to their most pressing questions and worries, so now is the time to provide them with relevant answers that will help them figure out their next steps.

Tapparo Capital Management

Twenty Over Ten client and Lead Pilot user, Tapparo Capital Management, has been staying up to date with their blog content, keeping it both helpful, relevant and informative as they provide information about what to do next in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. In the above, you can see that they put out a blog about what to consider before investing during a market downturn.

Check out Google Trends to find out what is currently trending in Google searches and tailor your content accordingly, and this will help answer many peoples’ questions along with showing that you are a thought-leader in the industry.

Do – Your Keyword Research

What are investors and Americans worried about and searching for right now? This plays off of the above, as you should be checking the internet for timely and relevant content, as well as, Google Trends, as they have actually have a special section for “Coronavirus Search Trends,” where many people are asking about the economy, investments, etc. in that section, as well.

Coronavirus search trends

Additionally, make sure that you are checking your Google Analytics to see how your content and blog posts are performing. If some have gained more traffic than others, then optimize that blog, including keywords that will boost your traffic more and include additional links and information pertaining to the current economic downturn.

Do – Keep Running Paid Ads but Update Them

If you are running a paid ad, make sure that it is appropriate for what people going through at the moment. If you are offering your services or a new product, update them with terms that reflect what is going on with your clients. Times are tough financially for many people, so think about offering discounts to users so that they can continue to serve their clients but without having to break the bank.

Do- Watch Your Tone

You never want to be seen as taking advantage of the situation for your own benefit, so make sure that your tone expresses empathy and is filled with kindness and concern for community members. You never know who may be battling COVID-19 or if any of their family members are sick, so keep that in mind when communicating with them.

Lead Pilot blog

In the above image, Twenty Over Ten makes a commitment to financial advisors in this blog post in the wake of the coronavirus. They are offering to help them by providing more content and accessibility so that they, in turn, can communicate better with their clients.

Do – Offer Fact-Based Advice

Make sure you are providing information that is fact-based and that you are checking your stats before putting information out there. There is currently so much about the coronavirus online, and now more than ever is not the time to mislead someone by providing information that is not correct. You want to be seen as a trusted and helpful resource, so do your homework before putting content out there.


Don’t – Continue Marketing with a “Business as Usual” Approach

Though you don’t want to incite panic by any means, this is definitely anything but “Business as Usual.” People around the world are stressed out about their health, safety, the economy, keeping their jobs and many other worries. While you can still share third-part guest posts on your social media and blog pages, make sure that you are also providing relevant content surrounding the coronavirus, the economy, etc.

Mitlin Financial

The above is an example from Twenty Over Ten client, Mitlin Financial. They have done a great job of keeping readers up to date, and definitely not taken a  “business as usual” approach, as they have an entire section dedicated to Coronavirus updates. People will be able to check out the Resources section here for up-to-date information when it comes to this pandemic.

Don’t – Forget to Check Your Social Media and Email Campaigns

Edit the messages that need editing and remove the ones that would seem “crass,” frivolous or trivial as the situation changed so drastically in the middle of March. If you usually send out a monthly newsletter with a greeting such as, “We hope you are having a great week,” then you would need to change that tone to something more like “We hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy.” This is important so that you don’t come off as “tone-deaf” or that you lack empathy.

Don’t – Forget That So Many People are Truly Suffering Right Now

Support your local community as much as you can by highlighting how people can help. It’s always good to be involved and give back to others wherever you can, but now there is more of a need than ever. Put on your website how people can help. Do you have a local food bank that is experiencing a shortage of non-perishable items? Maybe you could help out the American Red Cross since hospitals are experiencing blood shortages. Whatever it may be, including this on your website and social media pages is a great way to spread the word.

The Takeaway

These are difficult times for everyone, but we will get through them, and the market will eventually correct itself. It’s important to be there for your clients and community as much as possible as there is no better than now to show that you are a trusted leader in not only the financial industry but in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.

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