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The 6 Biggest Marketing Opportunities for Advisors in 2021 and Beyond

2020 was a whirlwind of a year, and as we near the end of this year and head into 2021, there are going to be different marketing trends that we see in the industry that advisors need to be embracing. As we continue to connect virtually, there are going to be changes and opportunities that advisors can capitalize on to take their strategy to the next level. Here are 6 of the biggest marketing opportunities that we can expect to see in 2021 and beyond.

6 Marketing Opportunities for Financial Advisors

1. Utilizing Video in your Marketing Efforts

Video is not going anywhere, in fact, 87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool. As we have continued to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been harder to connect with prospects and clients, but one way to do this is through video. Even once we have moved past this, it will be a marketing tactic that advisors should continue to use.

A “video first” strategy in these times of social distancing will be critical to connecting with clients and prospects.

-FiComm Partners CEO Megan Carpenter

And when it comes to utilizing video, there are different ways to go about this.

Using Videos in Your Email Marketing Efforts

You already know that video and email marketing are two of the most effective marketing strategies that you can use, but if you use video in your email marketing campaigns that can really boost your engagement. For example, when you use video content, your audience retains 95% of the information that they see. 4 ways to use videos in your emails are by:

  1. Sending webinar replays
  2. Repurposing a blog into a quick video
  3. Making an announcement
  4. Creating an introduction video for new leads

The blog below shares some great examples of how to use video in your email marketing efforts in order to boost your engagement.

6 Ways Advisors Can Use Video in Email Marketing
to Supercharge Engagement

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Homepage Videos

Homepage videos are fairly branded and they should be a quick, explanatory video that showcases who you are and what you do at your firm. It’s generally the first video that prospects and clients will see when they land on your website, so you want to be sure that it is professional and represents your brand well.

BentOak Capital

Twenty Over Ten client, BentOak Capital has included a quick video on their homepage that discusses the rebrand of their advisory firm that is filled with a message from CEO Wayne Garrett, CPA, CFP®, RICP®. It is polished and professional, however, it also uses real images, not just stock photos to connect with the emotional side of visitors, as well.

Videos that Tell Visitors More About You or your Firm

These types of videos generally are fairly polished, however, they add a personal touch as this is a great way to get your visitors to connect and resonate with your firm. If they have not met you yet, then this is your opportunity to show a side of them that will help them feel as if they are connecting with you even before the initial meeting.

Platinum Bridge Wealth

This example from Twenty Over Ten client Platinum Bridge Wealth is taken on the beach, adding a unique and personal touch. This video features the financial advisor, Antwone Harris MBA, CFP®, allowing the viewer to put a face to the name.

Including Videos in your Resources Section/Within a Blog

When you offer videos in a resources section or within your blog, you are able to really hone in on a specific topic, ones that your clients are website visitors are really interested in. When it comes to includes videos based on specific topics, this is a great way to provide useful information quickly so that your visitors can take in the information. When creating these types of videos, make sure that you are using subtitles, as many people will be watching these without sound.

Triadvise resources

Twenty Over Ten clint Triadvise recently started a YouTube channel where Donald Walters, CFP® discusses useful topics that touch on pain points of clients and prospects and he easily breaks them down in ways that are simple to understand.

When it comes to your blogs, Including infographics, videos, images, etc. are all great ways to add to a topic, making the information more digestible plus they break up the text for an easier read. While you want them to be a strong representation of your brand, they don’t have to be quite as professional and polished as a video that is on your homepage or somewhere else on your website.

2. Subscription-Based Services

Subscription-Based Services have been popular for quite a while now, when you look at Hulu, Netflix and many other television services. However, what does this mean when it comes to the financial industry? An example of an advisor offering subscription services is what Charles Schwab is doing. They are offering a one-time payment for financial planning services of $300 plus a $30 monthly subscription. This is an effective way to offer services to clients giving them the flexibility that they need to switch up their plans if necessary. Additionally, if someone is experienced a major shift in their life, such as starting a family, college funding, retirement or something else, then this is a great way to kickstart this process and easily get the services that they need.

3. Marketing to Millennials

Forbes predicts that Millennials will become the richest generation in history and by 2030 will hold more than five times the wealth they have today, so it’s crucial that you are reaching this audience through your marketing efforts in the coming year. Older generations are set to pass their assets to Millennials, and because of this, financial institutions will need to adapt and change up their services in order to cater to this rapidly growing group. The payoff of properly marketing to Millennials will be incredibly, however, it will take an effort as you adapt and change your firm to meet their needs.

3 ways to market to millennials are:

1. Utilize Social Media

90.4% of millennials are on social media, so it’s so important you are creating content that you can share on your social platforms. When you create blog posts, make sure you are sharing those on your social platforms so that you can provide useful information to a different audience that can then drive your readers to your advisor website. Additionally, share third-party content, as this is a great way to “network” and connect with other like-minded individuals.

2. Use Graphics and Imagery

59% of millennials said that their favorites sites use strong graphics, so when you are creating blog content, use graphics and images when relatable, as this is a great way to add more to your posts and catch the eye of your reader. This goes for sharing your content on social, as well. Make sure you are using an eye-catching image to draw in your audience. Using strong images or creating a useful GIF infographic is a great way to make your social posts stand out.

Lifetime Capital Group social

Twenty Over Ten client, Lifetime Capital Group, using images on their Facebook page that helps their blog posts stand out, making readers more likely to notice and check out their posts.

3. Have a Website Mobile-Friendly Website

Over 25% of millennials use a mobile phone as their primary source for content, so you need to ensure that your site and content are optimized for mobile. Smartphones have become the single most important source of information for millennials, so if your website loads slowly or isn’t optimized for mobile, then more than likely, they will find a competitor’s site that is. All of the website at Twenty Over Ten are created to be mobile-friendly, but to check if your site is, simply open the site below and type in your website.

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

Find Out More

4. Tailor Conversations and Prices as they Evolve

Millennials have quite the age range, as many are in their mid-20s and just starting out in their career, while the older millennials are approaching 40. Because of this, it’s crucial that you are tailoring your conversations to meet your audience where they are in their career. This goes for a pricing structure, as well, as this varies greatly based on the different ages.

Additionally, think about the topics that they want to discuss and use these subjects when creating your marketing content. According to The Financial Brand, here are some of the topics that Millennials are interested in.

  • Budgeting
  • Finding the best credit card
  • Buying a home
  • Buying or leasing a vehicle
  • How health savings accounts work
  • Protecting against identity theft
  • Saving for children’s education
  • How to improve their credit rating

Keep this in mind when creating email marketing campaigns, webinars, blogs, social posts, etc.

4. Retargeting

Retargeting is something that we have not seen many advisors doing simply because they might now know how. So, what exactly is a retargeting campaign These campaigns remind your website visitors of the products and services once they leave your site without purchasing anything. After they visit specific pages, you can retarget your visitors and show them relevant visual or text advertisements when they visit other websites.

One way to use retargeting when it comes to social media is by installing Facebook Pixel, which is an analytics tool that measures the success and effectiveness of your advertising on Facebook. You can set up these retargeting campaigns targeted at Facebook users who have previously visited your site or certain pages. So, if you click on an ad, but don’t make the purchase, many times you will see the ad again. This can help to jog your memory, which can help when you reach back out to potential clients who have already been considering your service.


5. Alternative Investments

Bitcoin is the way of the future as there is an emerging interest in this and other alternative investments. However, not many advisors are well versed or educated on this area. So, advisors who are and who produce content on it will be well-positioned to attract organic traffic to their website or social media from content on these types of topics.

So, what exactly is Bitcoin? It is a type of currency that was invented in 2009 and it can be used to make purchases, and there is no middle-man, meaning there are no banks involved. You can anonymously make purchases with it, there are no international fees, and they are great for small businesses, as there is no credit card fee involved. Additionally, you can buy Bitcoin and trade them, and the price of Bitcoin really skyrocketed in 2017.

Hands down, Bitcoin. 99% of advisors know nothing about Bitcoin/Crypto – but so many investors and ultra-wealthy are interested. Know about it, write about it, talk about it and you’ll immediately attract new qualified prospects.

Tyrone Ross CEO Onramp Invest

When it comes to using Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, learn as much as you can about it and create content based on this, which will enable you to attract more clients, especially since you will probably be one of the only ones in your field writing about this, making you a thought-leader and able to attract more qualified leads.

6. Personalization in Marketing

When it comes to marketing in 2021, personalization is going to play a huge factor. According to a study by Litmus, email personalization is the number one trend in email marketing as nearly 40% of email marketers indicate that improving email personalization is their number one marketing goal.

So, when you send an email, make sure that your email is addressed to a specific person and it’s from a specific person in your company. This adds a human touch which will increase the chances of your emails being opened. In addition to addressing an email to someone specific, you need to be segmenting your subscribers and send them personalized emails based on their interests. Some ways to personalize your emails aside from name are to segment by:

  • Geographic region
  • Age range
  • Profession
  • Niche (pre-retiree, business owner, divorcee, etc.)

With Lead Pilot, you can send highly personalized emails to your prospects and leads, which will give increase the open and click-through rates of your emails. With this platform, users can:

  • Tailor subject lines, sender names and preview text in order to keep your audience engaged.
  • Send emails immediately or schedule emails to go out at a later time.
  • Cater to the interests and unique life stages of your audience with segmentation.

Lead Pilot email marketing

Final Thoughts

Now is the time to capitalize on the upcoming year. Many people are looking to put 2020 behind them and start fresh. Utilizing these new tactics at your advisory is crucial to get ahead in the industry. Marketing tactics are constantly changing, and we think these will be crucial to giving your firm the boost it needs in order to drive more qualified leads to your website.


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