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Social Media For Financial Advisors: Best Social Media Archiving Tools

As social media usage continues to be on the rise, it is important that you have archiving tools to keep an accurate history of your social media activity. Archiving your social media is important for compliance regulation and if need be, it allows you to provide evidence to protect yourself in legal cases. Archiving should be a key part of your social media strategy, and with the right tools, archiving is easy! Below we will outline 5 social media archiving solutions that you can use.

1. Lead Pilot

Lead Pilot archives social content to meet FINRA requirements and be WORM compliant. All social content that is deployed through Lead Pilot will be archived and kept for a minimum of 7 years. However, content that is posted or changed within your social networks will not be archived by Lead Pilot. For example, if you’re logged into your Facebook account and share a post, Lead Pilot will not archive that. You need to be sharing from Lead Pilot in order to keep a history. Here is how you can view your archives on Lead Pilot:

  1. Visit  “Archives” or hover over your user icon and select “Archives” from the drop-down menu:

This opens your Archives page

2. Click “Filter by date” to open the calendar menu and hone your results:

3. Click the “View” icon to the right of a post to see details including share time, global landing page settings, and social media messaging:

2. Hearsay Social

Hearsay offers archiving solutions that are compliant with requirements from FINRA, SEC, IIROC, FCA, MiFID II and other industry regulators. Hearsay allows you to archive digital communication between your advisors and their clients, across the corporate network, mobile devices, and remote locations, making it comprehensive and convenient.



3. PageFreezer

PageFreezer automatically archives your content in real-time and ensures that your social media records are protected!

Key Features:

  • Evidentiary quality archives: All your content is captured in a way that can be used for evidence. All content is digitally signed (SHA-256) and time-stamped
  • Capture direct/private messages: PageFreezer will capture all social media content as well as private DMs on Twitter and Facebook
  • Real-time social media archiving: PageFreezer uses API’s to gather data in real-time. Even if the content is deleted, PageFreezer will still capture it.

4. Actiance

Actiance is now a part of Smarsh! Smarsh is the leading archiving solution platform that will allow you to maintain a constant record of your online presence.

Key Features

  • Supports a multitude of social media platforms: Smarsh supports Facebook, Hootsuite, Instagram, Linkedln, Vimeo, YouTube, YouTube, Linkedln Sales Navigator, Twitter, Pinterest, and Flickr.
  • Direct capture and control: Social media content is captured in its native format
  • Message threading and attachments: Messages, files, videos, photos are displayed how they were originally sent
  • Any device, location, or network: social posts can be archived from regardless of the user’s device, location, or network
  • External archiver support: You can capture your social content onto an existing archive or integrate it into Smarsh’s archives.

5. Hootsuite 

Hootsuite has partnered with Global Relay to provide the most comprehensive archiving solution for financial advisors. With Hootsuite social compliance, you can archive, search, and monitor your social media.

A key feature is that you can search your archives using many metadata fields:

  • Message Content: copy contained within the original social tweet, message or post
  • Social Profile Name: name of the social network profile that sent the message
  • Social Profile Type: social network that the message was sent on
  • Post User: email address of the HootSuite user that created the message
  • Post Date: date that the message was originally posted
  • Creation: date message was originally created, approved, or scheduled
  • Modification: if message was scheduled or on an approval queue, the user who last modified a message, or the date it was last modified


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