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Social Media for Financial Advisors: 9 Hacks to Grow Your Following Fast

On every social media platform, your number of followers is gauged as a measure of success. For good reason, too, as long as you have the right people following you-more followers from your intended audience means more outreach, more content possibilities, and more of a digital presence in general.

Marketers collectively spent over $89 billion on social media marketing last year. With businesses of all kinds vying for online attention, you might be struggling to find a way to stick out and reach prospective clients. These 9 tips will help you consolidate your social media marketing strategy and see actual results.

1. Prioritize

You can’t do everything at once. Social media is a strategic game.

Gaining followers is meaningless unless those followers are the audience your firm actually caters to-and along the same principle, trying to gain followers is meaningless unless you’re intentional about who you’re trying to reach.

social media marketing different platform demographics

Before jumping into social media marketing, define and analyze your target audience, find out which online spaces they flock to, and prioritize those spaces. This doesn’t mean you can’t utilize all different forms of social media. It also doesn’t mean that you should only use one. Rather, prioritize the avenues by which you’re producing content according to where you’ll see the most ROI.

2. Automate Everything With Lead Pilot

Businesses that use social media automation see a 32% increase in revenue after a year. Automating your social media saves you time, allows you to churn out more content, and often increases conversions. A platform such as Lead Pilot entirely automates your social media content down to the minute.

social media automation lead pilot schedule

With Lead Pilot, you could schedule social media posts-across all platforms-further than a month out. A tool like this reduces the stress of constantly tracking an array of social media platforms and content, instead organizing a steady stream of content that you can adjust as needed.

3. Seek Opportunities to Connect

A big misconception of social media: it’s not just for putting out content. If all you’re doing on social media is tweeting or posting or sharing, you’re missing out on a lot of potential connections and gains. 71% of consumers that have a positive social media experience with a company are likely to recommend the company to a friend or family. A “positive experience” doesn’t mean that your audience likes something you post; it means a good interaction. Engaging your audience will make them not only more likely to engage with you more but more likely to have a good impression of your brand.

weiss financial YouTube interaction

In this example, Twenty Over Ten client Weiss Financial Group interacts with a YouTube subscriber by responding to their comment on a video. The response isn’t extensive, but it says a lot just to respond to someone’s comment. It shows them that you care about your audience and providing them with helpful insight. You could participate in Twitter threads or publish more third-party content, which immediately initiates a digital connection.

4. Focus on Quality

Just as social media isn’t all about churning out content, you’re not going to see a positive ROI by simply pushing out any content at all. The quality of your content matters because real people are seeing it; the content you put out should have value to the audience it’s directed towards.

Still, we get it-it’s difficult to constantly create original, compelling content. Lead Pilot comes with a massive library of customizable ghostwritten content for advisors to peruse, edit, and deploy on their social media platforms. The most important thing is to ensure that your content is relevant and valuable for followers.

Customizable content library for financial advisors on Lead Pilot

5. Leverage Your Email

Email marketing is useful to generate leads in and of itself, with 40% of marketers claiming it to be “most critical” to their marketing campaigns. Yet it can also be a vital way to redirect people to your social media platforms. Every single email campaign you send can serve as an easy mention for your social; you can build icons into your email signature automatically. Subscribers to your email list are a preexisting sample of the audience you’re trying to attract on social media, so referring them to your social is a win-win.

financial advisor email signature social media
In this financial advisor’s email signature, he seamlessly integrates icons that link to his social media platforms.

6. Follow Your Leads

Along with point #3: following your leads on social media increases your chances of talking with them further and potentially turning them into a client. When you follow someone back, it instantly creates some sort of connection, opening up to the possibility of more interaction.

contact information of leads social media on lead pilot

On Lead Pilot, all of your leads come equipped with a contact history that includes links to their available social media profiles. This makes it easy to connect with your leads on all platforms, head-starting a positive relationship with someone who could potentially become a long-term client. Bottom line: make sure that you follow everybody who becomes a lead (granted you can find their profiles).

7. Boost a Post

Boosting your posts on social media could be the answer to reaching an audience facing an overwhelming influx of social media content. And the great news? It doesn’t have to break the bank. To increase your organic search on YouTube or Instagram, consider a paid ad for a well-performing post: for a flexible fee, they target specific demographics and show up on the feeds of your target audience.

boost a Facebook post

8. Use Visuals

Visual content is attention-grabbing and effective; people process it 60,000 times faster than text. On platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, the entire sphere is based on visuals-but on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, adding a visual to some of your posts will appeal more to your followers and cause them to value your content more.

Twenty over ten visuals matter webinar
This is an example used in Twenty Over Ten’s webinar about the importance of visuals in digital marketing.

Simply adding an infographic, quick video, or engaging photo-even from third-party sources-makes your post that much more compelling.

9. Use Analytics

Your social media analytics will tell you exactly what’s working and what isn’t on your social media. All social media platforms offer analytic services to business accounts. These provide great insights about what you’re doing on social media and provide tangible metrics for improvement.

social media analytics on lead pilot

They’ll show you which content is effective and which isn’t so much so. Lead Pilot analytics track all of your social media platforms in one place; take a look at which posting times reap the most engagement, as well as the type of content and calls to action your audience responds to the most.

Social media can be an intimidating world to step into. Yet with the right tools and intentions, you can take advantage of all social media has to offer, build a following, and connect with a previously untapped demographic of prospects. Keep these 9 tips in mind as you’re developing your social media strategy-save yourself time and resources while increasing your follower count and converting more leads.

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