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Should Financial Advisors Post to Personal or Company Social Media Pages?

Having an outstanding presence on social media is critical for the success of any business. Today more than ever consumers are looking at companies’ social media accounts to validate their credibility.

78% of consumers’ purchases are impacted by companies’ social media posts.

With a statistic like that, it’s vital that your social media accounts have a positive influence on consumers.

Posting interesting and personable content on social media is so important for financial advisors. Not only is your social media presence a great way for prospective and current clients to find you, but it is also a great way to interact with prospective and current clients and show them that you have value to offer them. With that being said, it can be really hard to post compelling content on a business social media page to encourage people to truly engage with your brand.

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to posting on social media is “Should I be posting on my personal social media page or my business page?” Deciding whether to post on a business page versus a personal page can be a tricky decision. What works well for one business might not work well for another, but it’s important to have the tools and knowledge to make an informed conclusion on what will be optimal for your own business.


Follow our four tips to help you decipher whether you should be posting content on a personal or company social media page:

Tip #1: Claim Your Business Profile

In order to have an effective social media strategy, you first need to set up a profile on the major social media platforms. In addition to setting up your business profiles, claiming your social media handle on your various social media platforms is essential to increasing your SEO ranking and driving more traffic to your website. When creating your business profiles, make sure you are consistent with your name so that current and prospective clients can find you on various social media platforms without a big hassle.

In the examples below, Lead Pilot user Opulus has a distinguishable social media presence that looks consistent across multiple platforms. It’s vital that your social media profiles have the same name and picture so they are easily recognizable when prospective and current clients are trying to find you on social media.

Tip #2: Decide If You Want To Use A Social Media Scheduling Tool

If you’re using a social media scheduling tool, that’s great! A social media scheduling tool is a great tool to organize and manage when and what content you post on your business’s various social media platforms. With that being said, you can’t post from a social media scheduling tool to a Facebook personal account, you can only post to a Facebook business page.

If you’re interested in using a social media scheduling tool to better manage your social media strategy, there are many great social media scheduling tools to choose from. With Lead Pilot, you can create custom content with little hassle. In addition, Lead Pilot allows you to schedule your social media posts straight from the platform. Lead Pilot also provides analytics to help you improve your strategy and archiving so advisors can remain compliant with 17a-4 requirements.

On Lead Pilot, you can share your content on social by following these steps. Once you’ve finished creating your post or have selected something from our “Explore Content Library” to customize, click the “Share” button at the top of the “Edit Draft” or “Preview Content” side window:

Next, a “Share Settings” side window will take its place:

Next, toggle a network on (green) to add as a share destination. Toggle off (grey) to remove as a share destination:

To post your content, click “Post” to share immediately:

If you want to share your content for later, you can do that by selecting “Schedule for Later”:

Tip #3: Create A Face For Your Brand

People have a much easier time connecting with a brand when they can put a face to it and see that there is a human side to the brand. People are more likely to interact with your connect and ask pertinent questions when they feel like they are truly interacting with another person. Interacting with a faceless company can feel impersonal for potential and current clients who are looking to interact with a brand on social media. It’s also good to have company profiles and post content on there. However, it’s much easier to build a connection and rapport between two human beings than with a company and human beings.

In the example below, Lead Pilot client, Kelley Financial Planning uses a picture of Kelley Financial Planning’s founder, Michael Kelley as their company Facebook profile picture. By using a real person’s image, it shows a more personal side of a brand.


Tip #4: Consider Which Platforms You Are Using

Before you decide is posting to a personal social media page or a business page is better for your business, it’s important to look at which platforms you will be using. Some platforms make more sense for personal profiles versus business profiles. For example, LinkedIn and Twitter lend towards engaging on a personal profile more than a business profile. In addition, it’s helpful to look at your social media analytics to determine which social media platforms your target audience are spending most of their time on.

Summing It Up

If you’re considering having both a personal page and a business page for engaging with current and prospective clients for your business, it’s perfectly okay to have both. Having both can be immensely helpful in sharing content and getting more views. You can have a business page and reshare content that you post on your personal page.

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