SEO for Financial Services: 5 Tips to Help You Rank Higher

What is the main goal for any financial advisor? To increase lead generation in order to turn potential visitors into clients, thereby gaining more business. Sometimes this is easier said than done, but with trial and error, content marketing, social media, and many other factors, you can effectively boost your SEO and rank higher.

Referrals are still a great way for advisors to gain new clients, but using that as your only means of gaining clients is definitely a thing of the past. You need to use online marketing strategies in correlation with referrals in order to create effective marketing tactics and turn your business into a lead generation machine. Check out the 5️⃣ tips below you can start implementing today to help you rank higher.

Five SEO Tips to Help with Rankings

With everything else that you have going on at your firm, you probably are wondering when you’ll be able to find the time to really work on improving your SEO efforts, huh? While it may take a bit of time and effort, you will reap the benefits and it will all be worth it! How exactly do you go about increasing SEO?

Tip #1: Ensure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly📱

You would be hard-pressed to find somebody that doesn’t have a smartphone these days.

According to the Pew Research Center, 84% of affluent Americans own a smartphone. Of those, 97% said they use a smartphone for text messaging, 92% use it for phone calls, 89% for internet access, 88% for email, and 75% for social networking. That is a lot of time spent on your phone, which is why you would be missing out on so much business if your advisor site were not mobile-friendly. Also, consumers spend more than five hours a day on their phone, and 57% of traffic comes from smartphone and tablets…that’s over half! For these stats alone, it is very apparent that if a visitor has trouble loading your website, then they will probably leave and venture over to one of your competitors, which is obviously not what you want. Be sure that your website is fast, secure and mobile-friendly in order to increase SEO.

Tip #2: Optimize All Content for Keywords

Similar to how we read magazines, newspapers, etc, Google’s search crawlers will read titles, headings, and descriptions of your pages. Be sure that your pages include the correct titles and headings that describe your content well and the appropriate keywords so that your website can be found by that are looking for the particular answer to a question or searching for a certain fact. However, be sure that you are not keyword stuffing, which is like “spam” when you overload certain words into your content to try and increase SEO. This can actually penalize you and cause your website to go ⬇️ in SEO.

In addition, when you are making headers, use the H1 tag, H2, and H3 to separate your content into digestible segments.

Tip #3: Create a Blog and Update it Regularly

Adding a blog to your advisor website is a great step as this only increases the reason for someone to visit your website. As a financial advisor, your blog content can be a great way to provide expert advice and prove that you are a leader in the financial industry.

It’s also a great way to build trust with prospects, develop your authority in the financial industry and obviously drive 🚗 and SEO rankings. Also, remember though, that quality is better than quantity, so if you are pumping out tons of content, but it is of low-quality, then this isn’t going to help you at all. It would be better to create one excellent post every week than five mediocre blog posts a week. Another tip is to update your blog section regularly. Be sure that you are researching trending topics in the financial industry and staying up to date with useful keywords that will drive someone searching for that topic to your website.

C.L. Sheldon & Company, who has a unique niche for providing finances to those involved in the military maintains a blog that is specific to their clientele and is updated regularly to ensure that it provides answers to those that are seeking information.

Tip #4: Don’t Forget about Video 📹

Looking for something a little different to try and reach your prospects?  Using video is a great way to gain trust from your audience while also being able to freely speak about the point that you are trying to make or the services that you provide.

Video is also a great way to humanize your brand and show off a relatable side that you want to portray to your potential clients. According to Hubspot, video is not a fad, but rather it is here to stay as an integral part of your marketing plan. Also, including video on a landing page has been shown to increase conversion rates by 80%! With numbers like that, why wouldn’t you include it? When optimizing it for your page, though, be sure that you follow these tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of it.

1. Have a compelling and concise title.
2. Be sure your description is short yet informative.
3. Tag keywords that best show what category your video will fall under.
4. Choose a category where your video would best fit.
5. Include a thumbnail image.

Tip #5: Build High-Quality Backlinks

What exactly is a backlink? It is an incoming link to your site from another website. The reason that they are important is that it pretty much shows search engines that your content was considered important enough to be linked by somebody else. When this happens, it starts to signal your company as a thought-leader in the industry which shows you as a valuable source and will help to drive more traffic to your site.

Also, be careful about which links that you choose, because if are not linking to quality websites, then that will reflect poorly on your firm.

We know that it takes time and many different “recipes” in order to achieve the ideal website that will drive visitors to your site. We hope that these tips helped, and remember that if you continue to create quality content, then this will get easier and turn your website into one that will really increase SEO!

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