Riskalyze and Lead Pilot Partner to Maximize Lead Generation for Financial Advisors

At Lead Pilot, we want to help you serve as many quality clients as you can in order to grow your advisory business. That being said, a large part of serving your clients is offering them customized content and advice. In order to help you deliver the best experience to your prospects and clients, we partnered with Riskalyze, a company that enables advisors to pinpoint an investor’s risk with a quantifiable number. Below we will provide more detail on Riskalyze, our partnership, and how you can easily integrate your Riskalyze and Lead Pilot accounts to deliver hyper-specific content based on clients’ and prospects’ risk numbers.


What Is Riskalyze?

Riskalyze is the company that invented the Risk Number®, a score that identifies how much risk your clients can take on. Along with the risk number, Riskalyze offers a 95% probability range as well. This Risk Number allows for alignment between clients and portfolios, ensuring that clients only choose investment options that are right for their risk tolerance. As an advisor, knowing your clients’ risk number is key to delivering customized content and advice, developing the right portfolio, and marketing your services. If you want more information about Riskalyze, feel free to visit their website here. 

Our Partnership

We have partnered with Riskalyze so that you can deliver tailored content to clients based on a pre-determined risk tolerance score. For example, if you see that a particular client’s risk tolerance score is really low, you will know not to send them information about highly volatile investments.

Our partnership allows for simple one-click integration, where advisors can seamlessly bring their leads from Lead Pilot right into their Riskalyze account. Every lead that is generated from a Lead Pilot landing page is added directly to the advisor’s Riskalyze account as a new contact as well, allowing advisors to further engage via email with customized content and associate data with their newly generated leads.

We’re thrilled to see the Risk Number integrated into the heart of the Lead Pilot marketing automation platform. This integration will allow advisors to individually tailor the content they deliver to prospects based on their quantified risk preference.

Jonathan Scott, Director of Core Product, Riskalyze

How To Integrate Your Riskalyze and Lead Pilot Accounts

To connect your Riskalyze account to Lead Pilot, please follow these instructions below:

1. Hover over your user icon and select “Settings” from the dropdown menu:

2. Click “Manage Integrations”:

3. Click “Configure” beneath Riskalyze:

4. Click “Connect”:

5. Enter your login information and click “Login”:

6. After logging in, click “Yes, I authorize this request” to allow your Lead Pilot account to access your Riskalyze contacts:

7. Toggle “Add New Leads” on to have your landing page subscribe form send new contacts to Riskalyze in addition to Lead Pilot:

8. Toggle “Import Risk Numbers” on to have Risk Numbers added to Lead Pilot:

9. Toggle “Auto-Import” to have new Riskalyze contacts added to Lead Pilot daily:

10. Click “Import Now” to import Riskalyze contacts to Lead Pilot immediately:

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