Prospecting In a Pandemic: 7 Ways to Connect With Prospects Online

Your website is often a potential client’s first introduction to you and your firm- so how can you make a personal connection with website visitors despite not getting to introduce yourself in person? Samantha Russell, CMO at Twenty Over Ten, is diving into the web design tips you need to create website that showcases your personality and unique skills.

Video Transcript

More people than ever before are meeting you right now online rather than in person. So, how do you make a connection with somebody on your website? Today, I’m going to give you 7 tips for how you can make easy tweaks to your website that will help you forge an immediate connection with your prospects and site visitors.

1. Write Your Bio in 1st Person

Okay, so let’s jump right in. Tip number one for making a connection with people is to write your team bios in first person. I have seen so many bios written in third person and they just fall flat. They’re not personal, they don’t sound like you’re talking to the person on the other end of the screen. So instead, I want you to write your bio in first person and to think about, when someone’s visiting the page, how you can really make it feel personal and exciting for them.

I love this example here because you can see when you start to read it, it says “Hi I’m Meg, the person to the left of what you’re reading,” or maybe, if you’re on a smartphone, up above you, right? It’s so fun, and it really is thinking about the experience that you’re having on the other side of the screen, which removes that barrier and makes that connection. So tip number one, write your bio in 1st person.

2. Use Colloquial Language

Tip number two is to use colloquial language. I struggle with saying that word! But basically what I’m saying is, talk as people talk in real life, you know. There’s a saying that I love which is: “If you can do nothing more than write every day as though you’re talking to a middle schooler, you will have outdistanced the crowd by several steps.” And that’s because most people, when they’re writing for business, they write way too professional and formal and then they end up not making a connection with anyone. So think about writing in a way that’s really easy to understand

3. Include a Video

The third tip is to include a video of you saying hello. People like being able to see your face, hear your voice, have you welcome them to the website. It’s going to make them feel more familiar with you, and we know from psychology that familiarity is one of the steps that will make us like people more.

including video on website homepage

So the more familiar we feel about someone, the more often we will report that we like them. So a video, again, allows you to actually feel like you’re talking to someone in person, which will really go a long way in helping you forge a connection.

4. Be Funny

Okay, tip number four: be funny. Now, I love this tip because we often find financial advisors that will come to work with us at Twenty Over Ten, and when they think about their marketing they have no idea how to be funny in their marketing. They want to talk about how they can help people.

Finance is very often a very serious topic and it can be loaded with emotions, but people like to laugh and it feels good and it makes you realize that the person on the other end of the screen is someone you’re going to enjoy working with- and as we continue to see such a commoditization of investments and, even now, financial planning, we know that people are going to continue to choose their advisor more than anything over whether or not they like that person and they want to work with them. 

be funny on website design

So, I love this example here from Gibson Wealth Advisors. They have their dog listed as the Chief Morale Officer, and if you click on the dog you’ll see a cute little profile come up talking about the dog, such a cute idea.

That’s one way, another way from this example here you’ll see they write on their home page: “You’re not going to find and boring stock photos of retirees on this site,” right? So you can break that barrier with humor.

5. Address Their Problems Directly

Okay, tip number five. Address directly the problems that the person visiting your site have. What are they thinking about, what’s running through their mind, why are they visiting you?

This is a great example of breaking through, again, that wall and not being so formal, but thinking about the person visiting the site and exactly the questions that they have on their mind which are prompting them to look for an advisor in the first place. So be explicit in addressing the problems.

6. Be Explicit About Your Solutions

Which leads me to tip number six, which is: be explicit about the solutions you provide to those problems. So once you’ve addressed, “Hey, we know that these are the things that are keeping you up at night, these are the reasons that clients come to work with us,” talk about the solutions you provide to those problems.

7. Tell Stories In Your Copy

And then the last tip, tip number seven, is to tell stories. The more stories you can tell, the more you seem like a real human being and not just a business, right? And people connect with other people more than they’re going to connect with businesses.

I love this example from these two gentlemen. You can tell just when you land on their site that they’re obviously working with military, and as you dig in deeper they’re telling the whole story about how they themselves went from careers in the military to being financial advisors, and if you click on this bio here you’ll see actually that as he goes into his story he doesn’t just give you his bio- he actually tells a whole story.

He explains what they ate for dinner the night that he had this revelation and what made him decide that he should be a financial advisor, and it’s such a great story and it goes a long way in helping you forge a connection with this person.

So again, these are the seven tips, if you use, will make such a difference when someone lands on your website and is checking out your business considering you as a possible new advisor to work with. It will really help forge a connection, and you’ll be much more likely to get these folks to actually book a meeting- to meet you in person and not just online.

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