Lead Generation

One Small Website Tweak for Massively Higher Conversions

Lead Capture forms are an incredible way to gain conversions; however, we all hate filling out forms that ask for our whole identity! Instead of asking 10 different questions on your lead capture forms, in today’s video Samantha Russell, Chief Evangelist for Twenty Over Ten and FMG Suite shares the only two questions you need to ask on your forms to get the optimal conversion.

How to Increase Your Website Conversions

If you want to know what not to do when it comes to creating a lead capture form, I’ve got the answer for you. I see every week so many forms online where people are basically asking you for your entire identity. They want your name, your email, your phone number, your job title, where you work, and guess what? No one ever fills these out.

Think about your own internet behavior. If you land on a page, and you want a guide that someone’s offering, or a white paper, or an ebook or something, how likely are you to fill out the form and get that download if it only asked for your name and your email vs. if it asked you 10 questions? The difference is huge.

And this is a huge part of what affects the amount of conversions you will get. So the percentage of people that will actually fill out that form is your conversion rate, and we want that rate to be as high as possible right? So if a hundred people land on that page, we want the highest percentage possible to actually convert and get that download.

The Only 2 Form Fields You Need

I am a huge advocate for only having two fields: first name and email address.

That’s because if you’re really starting on the one side of the spectrum where someone’s not ready yet to book a meeting with you and they just want to get some information from you, you then in return get their email and have the ability now over the next few months or the next year to drip on them slowly so that they keep getting your content, they keep seeing that you’re a thought leader and an expert in this space and that eventually when they are ready to book a meeting, they will proactively reach out and get on your calendar.

So stop asking people for their phone number, and stop making them fill out a 10-field form. It is not going to help you convert more leads. If anything, it is going to have fewer people actually completing the form and getting in touch with your business.

So, if you want more leads, strip down all your forms to those two things: their name and their email. That’s my quick tip for you today. For even more digital marketing tips, subscribe to Twenty Over Ten’s YouTube channel or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and we will talk to you next week. Thanks, everyone.