Brand New Content for 2021 (January Edition)

2020 is finally gone, and we are excited to welcome a new year! In addition to ushering in 2021, we have a  fresh new line-up of content for Lead Pilot users that you can tailor and share with your audiences.

As always, our content team worked incredibly hard to bring you over 20 new pieces to the Lead Pilot library that you can begin sharing with your audience to kick off the new month and year. The topics this month are incredibly diverse, ranging from how a COVID-19 vaccine will affect the economy to covering medical expenses without health insurance and so much more.

Lead Pilot content

What’s New in Lead Pilot for 2021? Let’s Explore:

Editorial Content

Here is a roundup of all the titles we’ve added this month:

  • A Second (Smaller) Stimulus Bill Has Been Passed: Here’s an Overview of the $600 Billion Package
  • A COVID-19 Vaccine Is Here, But What Could That Mean For the Economy?
  • For Better or For Worse, COVID-19 Has Upended the Healthcare Industry. What Changes Could We Be Seeing in 2021?
  • If 2021 Is Anything Like 2020, It Might Be Good to Know: Does My Life Insurance Cover a Zombie Apocolypse?
  • Guess What? Your Enneagram Type Says This About Your Spending Habits
  • Capital Gains & Your Taxes: A Brief (But Important!) Guide
  • No Health Insurance? Here Are 8 Other Ways to Cover Your Medical Expenses in 2021
  • Hindsight Is 2020: 7 Ways We Should All Vow to Treat Our Money Differently in 2021
  • Legalizing Marijuana Is Controversial, But the Economic Impact Speaks For Itself: Here’s What We Mean
  • Why Did COVID-19 Hit Households of Color Harder Financially in 2020?
  • Inauguration Day Is Coming: What Financial Challenges Could High Earners Face During the Biden Administration?
  • Spring Semester Is Starting Soon, Should Tuition Be Rising While Classes Remain Virtual?
  • Are Your Financial Resolutions In Sync With These Top 5 for 2020?
  • Millionaire & Former Zappos CEO Died in November Without a Will. Here’s Why That Makes Things Extremely Complicated
  • If You’re Seeking Professional Guardianship, Prepare Yourself For These Financial Responsibilities

Lead Pilot campaigns

Automated Drip Campaigns (and How to Edit Them for Higher Engagement!)

1. Preparing For Tax Season

Tax season is right around the corner, so it’s time to start preparing your taxes. This campaign can help your clients start preparing their finances with these basic but crucial topics

TIPS To Get More Engagement With This Campaign:

  • In the opening email, include contact information for your firm so that they know they can reach out to you with any tax-related questions. This can be a phone number, link to the contact page of your website or an online scheduler.
  • If you want to customize this campaign even further, consider adding in more specifics, such as location or region to the articles themselves and social sharing descriptions.

Tax season campaign

2. Facebook Engagement

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms out there, so it’s important that you are connecting with your audience and creating engaging content. This campaign is designed to capture your audience’s attention by offering thought-provoking and relevant editorial pieces of content.

TIPS To Get More Engagement With This Campaign:

  • Remember to interact with commenters, especially where you encourage engagement within the post. For example, when sharing an article, ask members of your firm to get the ball rolling by commenting on the post.
  • Change out the featured image in one or two of the included posts to include a photo of you, your team or your family. Research shows that social media posts that contain personal photos or information tend to perform 5x higher than those that don’t.

Lead Pilot campaigns


  • 3 Ways to Prevent Elder Financial Abuse in 2021
  • Do You Want to Boost Your Employees’ Financial Security in 2021? Try These 4 Tips

Lead Pilot videos


  • We (Finally) Said Goodbye to 2020. Make 2021 Less Stressful With These 7 Financial Moves
  • Thinking of Refinancing Your Mortgage? Don’t Forget These 6 Common Costs
  • Here’s an overview of the $600 Billion Stimulus Package

Lead pilot infographics

Canadian-Based Content

  • Are You Taking Your Age Into Account When Assessing Your Portfolio? If Not, Here’s Why You Should
  • 4 Tax Tips Every Retiree Can Use Throughout 2021

Canadian Based Lead Pilot content

Where To Find the New Content

For individual content pieces [editorial, infographics and videos]:

  1. Login to your Lead Pilot account
  2. Click on the “Content” tab at the top of the dashboard to be taken to the library
  3. All the most-recently added pieces will appear right at the top of the library

For multi-channel drip campaigns:

  1. Login to your Lead Pilot account
  2. Click on the “Campaigns” tab at the top of the dashboard to be taken to the library
  3. Click the purple “Create Campaign” button in the upper right-hand corner
  4. Choose “Curated Campaigns” in the pop-up
  5. The two most recently added campaigns will be at the top of the page

Be sure to check back next month – we’ll fill you in on even more exciting updates and new content drops.

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