Mythbusters Monday: Where Content Marketing is Headed in 2019: The Impact of Blogging

Where Content Marketing is Headed in 2019: The Impact of Blogging

Did you know almost 25% of new business find companies through blogs? If you don’t already have a strong content marketing strategy with blogging, landing pages, and email marketing… you’re behind and you have some catching up to do! Join Twenty Over Ten CMO Samatha Russell as she shares compelling statistics about the future of content marketing for your advisory firm.


So, I want to share a few takeaways from a recent study that was done by SEO wizard Neil Patel and where content marketing is heading. What Neil did was he looked at 183 companies throughout both B2B and B2C industries and these companies were generating between $5 million and $2 billion in revenue. He looked at how content marketing was shaping customer acquisition for these firms. What he found was that blogging is huge for generating more traffic to your website overall, but also helping find customers that may have never heard of you before otherwise.

Finding #1: 1/4 of customers find companies through blogs

So, of these 183 companies, they had 24% of their customers finding them for the first time through their blog. So, a quarter of all of their customers had never heard about them before and actually first were introduced to them through their blog. That’s a huge percentage of new business that may never have heard about you before but is landing on one of your blog posts.

Finding #2: It takes 3.15 visits to turn a blog reader into a customer

Another interesting fact was that the average number of visits it took for someone who’s a blog reader to turn into a customer was 3.15 visits. So this was happening over a two-week period on average over the course of two weeks a customer would visit a blog three times and then get in touch with the company sign up book a Meeting. So, it’s actually not that long a period of time if you think about it to go from prospect to customer because they’re engaging with the blog to learn more about the company the services that they offer getting to know that company so much more intimately than they would be able to just through the static web page.

Finding #3: Use email marketing and retargeting

And the other big takeaway was how are these companies turning blog readers into customers. What are the two things  they’re doing? So, someone visiting the blog… how do they then turn them into a customer? The two biggest ways were through email marketing first. So, 40% of people were doing email marketing and then right behind that was retargeting. I personally predict that retargeting will overtake email marketing in the next 18 to 24 months because we know it’s so hyper-specific. We can track which people are visiting our website our landing pages, and then we can show up in their Facebook feed, we can show up when they’re searching for other products on Google, we can continue to pester them not just through email but through all of their internet activity.

So, these are some really really compelling stats for why content marketing is so important. And if you’re not already using things like blogging landing pages email marketing to acquire customers for your business, you’re really behind and you have some catching up to do. The good news is there are lots of companies out there that can help you and there are lots of products that can help you. So, don’t wait a day longer… get started today!