Mythbusters Monday: What Are Meta Descriptions and How to Optimize Them for Improved Rankings

What Are Meta Descriptions and How to Optimize Them for Improved Rankings

When writing blogs and publishing content on your website, you might be missing one crucial step – the meta description. You can think of meta descriptions like ad copy for your content that can compel searchers to click. Want to know how to write a compelling one? CMO Samantha Russell joins us to share some wisdom!


Let’s talk about meta descriptions. So a meta description is that grey text that is right underneath a link whenever you’re doing a Google Search. You get a series of results on your page and you have the link you can click on and then the text underneath the link that tells you more about the page that you can click into. So that gray text below the link is the meta description.

Why Are Meta Descriptions So Important?

Why are meta description so important? They are ad copy for all intents and purposes that will compel someone to click on your result for not. So a meta description really is telling someone what your page is all about and making them want to click on it to learn more, right?

How to Write a Compelling Meta Description

When we’re writing that a description, there’s a few things that we want to do in order to improve our click-through-rate, which in turn will improve our SEO.

1. 160 Characters or Less

The first thing is to keep it to 160 characters or less! Any more than that and Google just going to cut off the rest of the meta description. So you want to keep it 160 characters or less.

2. Keywords

The other thing is think about the audience that you’re writing the overall blog post web page for, and then include keywords that would be important to them in your meta description.

So I just have two examples that I want to share quickly that I think in really illustrate the point. The first one would be, let’s say you have a meta description in you say “Samantha Russell Financial Planning is a fee-only financial planner and fiduciary firm located in Cleveland, Ohio.” That’s fine and it includes your keywords, but it doesn’t really say much about what you do or how you’re going to help me. Versus if I say “Samantha Russell Financial Planning offers financial planning for busy and motivated professionals to help them can take control of their lives.” That is much more compelling at copy! So go do a search real quick take a look at your meta descriptions and how they’re being displayed to possible searchers who are finding you online and see if you can clean them up and get a better click-through rate on those pages.

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