Mythbusters Monday: Three Simple Ways to Increase the Number of Quality Leads Your Getting From Your Website

We know that getting leads can be time-consuming and stressful. Moreover, getting good leads is even harder. However, you really only need to pay attention to three things when it comes to how many leads you’re going to get! Twenty Over Ten, CMO Samantha Russell shares some insight on how you can make the most of your website.

Video Transcript

Did you know when it comes to the success of your website there are really only three factors that you need to pay attention to when it comes to how many leads you’re going to get? I’m Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten, and today I want to share those three things with you because if you pay the most attention to those, you’ll notice the number of leads that you’re getting go up. What are the three? Let’s go through them in order quickly.

#1: Clearly Define A Problem-Solution For Your Niche Audience

The first is that you have a clearly defined niche or group of people that you serve and that you have articulated the value proposition for that group of people very very clearly with a problem-solution format. So you articulated what is the problem that people in this group typically face and how you have a solution that helps them solve this problem. Problem-solution for your niche audience.

#2: Create Strong Calls-To-Action

The second factor that directly impacts the success of your website is having a very strong call to action, preferably two calls to action on your website for that audience. Right? So you’re going to have one call to action that’s a secondary call to action that is going to be the main thing that people who are just learning about your business sign up for. So it could be a guide that you’ve developed to walk them through steps that they need to take when transitioning from the military to civilian life nearing retirement. Right if you work with vets let’s say. Something that’s hyper-specific to that niche group and it should be something that is easy for them to get. All they have to do is put their email in and they will get this call to action.

The primary call to action is going to be when they’re ready to connect with you and actually have a conversation. They can easily book a meeting straight on your calendar. So two calls to action: a meeting scheduler link and then a secondary call to action for those who aren’t ready to schedule a meeting yet, but tied to again the solution that you provide for that group.

#3: Get Quality Traffic

The third thing that directly impacts the number of leads you’re getting is how much quality traffic you’re getting. The average Financial Advisory firm is getting anywhere from three to five hundred site visitors per month. Of course, if you have three hundred visitors, but the quality of those visitors is bad, you’re not going to get leads from it right? And what I mean by quality is their all based in Europe, and you can only serve people in the United States,or they are all looking for someone to do hourly project-based planning with them and you only serve clients who invest their assets with you and you know, you’re growing your business through managing those assets. So the quality of the visit needs to match who you can actually serve.

Again, if we go back to point number one, if you clearly identified who you help and how you help them, it’s going to take care of eliminating some of that not great traffic. You’re always going to have traffic coming to your site of people that you can’t help or that are not your niche and that’s fine. But you want the majority of the traffic you’re receiving to be quality traffic.

All Together

So you want to work backwards from those three things, right? Before we start sending a bunch of traffic to our website, we first pay attention to have we clearly identified the niche that we serve? Then we pay attention to do we build calls-to-action for that group that talks about what their problems are and the solution that you provide? And then lastly, we create SEO strategies to drive more traffic. When you take care of those three things, you will see a huge huge increase in the number of quality leads you’re getting from your website.

If you need help on how to do this, you can turn to our experts here at Twenty Over Ten or for more DIY video tutorials, subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks, everyone.