Mythbusters Monday: Three Blogging Mistakes We See Financial Advisors Make & How To Fix Them

Are You Making These Common Blogging Mistakes?

We work with a lot of financial advisors, a lot. And through the years we’ve seen some really great blogs and some not so great ones. We’re here today to share three of the most common mistakes we see and how you can correct course today to improve your blog for a boost in search rankings and conversions for your advisor business.

Video Transcript

So in all of my time consulting with businesses and firms on digital marketing one of the top things I’m always trying to get people to do is to blog more.

And I’m happy to report that usually, I can get people to start blogging but then I’ll go back and start looking at what they’re doing and I will find these same mistakes being made by firms over and over again!

So today I want to share with you some of those top mistakes and then we wrote a whole blog post the 10 top blogging mistakes that we see financial advisors make and I’ll link to that below and you can check out all ten and get a really robust description of all 10.

But let me just share three of the ones that I want to talk about today

Mistake #1: No Niche

So the first and most you know straight forward biggest mistake that people make is they start blogging without having a very well thought out niche a specific person that they want to be reaching with their posts right?

So even if your company as a whole doesn’t like to put on the homepage of your website that you have the specific niche when you’re blogging you’re going to need to have specific audiences you want to reach or it’s basically like you’re just sending your blog out there in the void.

There are millions and millions of blogs out there and so in order to get noticed you need to be hyper-specific with your language.

What I always will suggest is let’s say you don’t have a niche as a firm but maybe you’re an associate advisor and you want to build up a practice with a lot of millennial clients and you know young families so you can think about what kinds of issues will be specific to them.

Or maybe as a firm you’re finding that there’s a local company in town and as a firm you’re working with more and more of their employees on their 401k plans then you can write blog posts specific to them right so for your blog you need to have a specific audience that you are talking to.

Mistake #2: No CTA (call-to-action)

The second biggest mistake I see people making is they will write out this big long post and then when the post is over that’s it there’s no call to action nothing telling the reader what to do next.

This is a huge mistake people will take an action only if you explicitly tell them what action to take so you want to have something like a link to another blog post that they should read next or do you like this article and you’re looking for more tips for Millennials trying to buy their first home sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter or maybe you have a post that you wrote all about risk assessments and then you have the call to action for them to fill out your riskalyze link right?

So whatever it is make it relatable to what they just read but you need to have a call to action that helps them understand what to do next especially if you want to capture their contact information which we all do.

Mistake #3: No Linking Strategy

The third mistake that I see people making is not including links so if you have a page on your website including a blog post and there’s no links going to it and no links coming from it to another page that’s called an orphan page and this is a huge mistake people will make it’s terrible for your SEO because it doesn’t allow Google to crawl your website.

Additionally building all those internal links helps again people stay on your page longer right so if they’re reading an article that you wrote and they find it really useful and helpful and it’s all about what you need to know before you buy your first home and then you have another article that is related to that topic they’re gonna want to go and read that right especially if you make it very easy for them to get to that next page

So within every blog post you write you want to link back to at least two other blogs that you’ve written previously and then you also want to go back to other posts you’ve written and linked to this new post that’s called optimizing old posts.

So those again are three of the biggest mistakes we see people making:

Mistake #1: Not having a niche
Mistake #2: Not having a call to action
Mistake #3: Not linking within their blog posts

For the full list of all 10 of the top mistakes we see click the link below and I really hope you find this helpful and are able to implement some of these strategies with your own blog posts starting right now!