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Mythbusters Monday: Should Financial Advisors Use Personal Or Company Social Media Pages?

As a financial advisor, it is essential that you take advantage of social media. But, should you be utilizing your personal social media page or your company page? Let’s find out below! Twenty Over Ten, CMO Samantha Russell gives insight.


Video Transcript

Name a company or corporate social media account that you absolutely love to follow, that you think has really interesting content that makes you laugh, and that you always are commenting or sharing their posts. It is really really hard to do right? Especially if we’re talking about service-based industry accounts like Financial Services, Banking, Insurance. This really lends itself to much more dry style content, and it can be hard to post things to a business page that compels people to engage with your brand.

I’m Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten, and today we’re going to talk about the very important topic-should you be posting on social media from business pages or personal pages?

Claim Your Business Profile On The Big 4 Platforms

So tip number one: On all of the major platforms so Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Instagram, claim your business profile and set it up. So even if you’re going to end up posting more from a personal account, you still want to set up all of the business pages because that is going to create a link back, external link back, to your website for SEO purposes, and you want to be able to claim your own company-that handle right? You don’t want someone else to take that name and be posting to it and then you can’t control what their posting and a potential customer or current customers are confused if it’s your company or not. So make sure you’re setting them up on all of the big platforms.

The second thing to consider is if you’re using a social media scheduling tool, where in the beginning of the month you schedule out all of your posts, you cannot post to a Facebook personal account from a social media scheduling tool. Ever since the last election when there were all these fake accounts that were created and people were having issues in telling what was real and fake, Facebook has cracked down on this and so now you can only post from a scheduling app to a business page.

People Create Relationships With Other People

So that being said, let’s talk about the difference between the personal and the company. People create relationships and build rapport and have a much easier time connecting with human beings, with somebody that has a face, right?

So my first tip for you is to create a face for your company or your brand. Here at Twenty Over Ten, that has sort of naturally become me. Samantha Russell has become the face of Twenty Over Ten, but it works a lot better for people to be able to pose questions to me, to interact with our content rather than interacting with the faceless company that is Twenty Over Ten right? We still have company feeds and I will reshare and repost that content, but it’s much easier to build connections and build rapport between two human beings than with a company and human beings right? So on LinkedIn and Twitter especially, those two platforms lend themselves most to you using your personal accounts much more heavily.

So by that I mean you can still have a business page and reshare content that you share from those business pages. What I like to do is out of every seven times I post, two out of seven are reshares from something that we posted at Twenty Over Ten right? So it’s keeping that brand in the back of people’s mind, but I’m not just sharing all Twenty Over Ten’s posts, and I still have my own original thought leadership. I can also say things that the company wouldn’t say because it’s just my opinion.

So that’s my tip for you today. If you want to build connections and you want to get more engagement on your social accounts, you want to use personal pages for LinkedIn and Twitter especially, and then set up business pages for all the big 4 platforms so that you can control what is being posted there. For even more tips, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and we’ll see you next week.


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