Mythbusters Monday: Number 1 Strategy to Get More Traffic to Your Website

What is the Number 1 Strategy to Get More Traffic to Your Website?

When you are a small business owner, you want the local community to know more about your business, right? It can be overwhelming and difficult at times to do this, but there are some simple and effective tips that you can use to increase visitors to your website and skyrocket your SEO. CMO Samantha Russell joins us to share some wisdom!


Every small business owner wants more people in their community to find out about their business, but how do you do that? Right? It can feel really intimidating and overwhelming to know where to start when it comes to getting more people to find out about your business and to visit your business through digital marketing.

I have a really easy strategy to share with you today, that if you use it, will bring more website traffic to your business and get more people to find out about you. So, here’s what you do.

First Tip to Drive Traffic:

You think of a topic in which you can interview other people within the community that would have expertise, so something like, what are 12 things that first time home sellers should know?

Then you go, and you interview 12 different people asking them for their biggest tip. So, you can ask a couple different realtors, you can ask somebody who works with mortgage lending, you could ask someone at a bank, maybe even an interior decorator about staging tips, right? You ask them each for one tip, and then you create a blog post where you feature their bio photo, or the logo of their company, a link back to their website, and a quote with their tip in it.

Next Step in Driving Traffic:

Then, you ask each of them to also publish this on their website and to disseminate it on their social media feeds, and it will all drive traffic back to your website. So, it’s a pretty easy strategy, but one that can be really, really profound and powerful when it comes to creating awareness for your business locally and driving traffic to your website.

If you’ve not tried this already, please give it a try and share with us in the comments below, what kind of results you see.