Mythbusters Monday: March 18, 2019

Simple Tips To Boost Website Conversions

So you’ve put in the time to create your dream website, but you’re still not getting conversions. It might be time to take a closer look at the language you’re using in your calls-to-action (CTA). CTAs help convince leads to take the next step in your advisory firm, whether that’s learning more information on your team or signing up for an introductory call. Regardless of the offer, the language needs to be specific to your niche and stand out to your audience. How, you ask? Twenty Over Ten  CMO and Brand Development Officer Samantha Russell joins us to help!


So, the myth we’re going to bust today is that no one fills out lead forms on websites or clicks those calls to action to schedule a time directly on your calendar if you’re a financial advisor. One of the things I’m asked about all of the time is what is the best wording that I can use to get the most people to either, you know, subscribe to my newsletter so I can drip on them or book a meeting with my team.

The answer, unfortunately, is that there is no one size fits all, but you know your audience better than anyone else would, and so you need to think about what is the language that is going to speak most closely to the problems that they’re having and the solution you can provide for them. So I thought the best way to illustrate that would be to show some examples of some real clients we’ve worked with here at Twenty Over Ten.

So, the first one I want to use is a group of female advisors. They specialize in working with young women. So on their website, the copy above their call to action is “Not Your Father’s Financial Advisors.” And then, they have a little stat that says “Only 16% of Advisors Are Women” with a link to a study that shows that. And then, they say “Let’s Get To Know Each Other,” and the call to action button is  “Learn More.” So you can see the copy there is really specific to the young women that they’re serving who are probably looking for another women to help them with their finances.

The second example I want to give you is a financial advisor we worked with who specializes in serving physicians. His copy says “You’re A Doctor Forever, But That Doesn’t Mean You Should Have to Work That Long.” And then the button that you would click to enter into his pipeline is “Change Your Strategy,” right? So again, highly specific to his audience.

Whatever copy you’re going to use, you just want to think about the issue, the problem that my clients are having or how can I serve them better? Maybe you just want to focus on a more general population but that group is people coming up on retirement. So your call to action could be “Take the 2-Minute Retirement Check” and maybe you’re using a third-party software for there. Or, you know, you say something like ” Delegate Your Financial To-Do List.”

There’s lots of of different ways you can come up with calls to action that help speak to the pain points of your audience. So, take a look at your website, change up your calls to actions if you need to and you aren’t getting leads. Because, simple, simple changes to the language that you’re using can increase conversions hundreds of percent overtime.

So, give it a try and let us know if you find success!