Mythbusters Monday: March 11, 2019

How to Get Started With Video Marketing 📹

Video marketing is quickly becoming a very popular way to gain more leads and make your advisor website extremely attractive to viewers! It’s a great way to mix up your content and message, and people are much more likely to retain information when watching your videos. Want some key pointers on getting started? Twenty Over Ten CMO and Business Development Officer Samantha Russell has some tips.


As many of you know when it comes to video marketing we are huge fans of it here at Twenty Over Ten, and there are some really good reasons why:

Number 1:  The average person is now spending over 45 minutes a day every single day watching mobile videos online, so just right there on their smartphone. 

And another statistic recently showed that viewers retain 95% of a message if they watch it in a video compared to just about 10% if they’re reading it in a text.

So, for those two statistics alone, we are huge fans here at Twenty Over Ten for video, and I personally have loved seeing the results every week when we’ve been posting videos online.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how you as a financial advisor can incorporate more video into your own practice. 

What Video Tools 🛠 Should You Use to Get Started?

What tools do we suggest you use? You know, how to make it all happen?

I’m gonna suggest that you keep it as simple as possible.

For instance, the video I’m recording right now I’m just recording on my iPhone. 

You don’t need a fancy setup, and in fact, the more simple that you can keep it, the more authentic it’s gonna look when you share it on social media in someone’s feed, right?

So, when they’re scrolling through and they see your video, it’s not gonna look like a branded advertisement created video, it’s just gonna look like a video that potentially one of their friends was sharing, and it will make them want to stop and watch it.

if you are trying to do a video where you’re sharing your screen and walking somebody through information on the screen you can try using a tool like Loom or Zoom. Those are both cloud-based apps.

So, Zoom with a Z…Loom with an L, where you can share your screen and record yourself on a video camera at the same time.

So, that’s a great way if you’re trying to go through a chart or a PowerPoint presentation to make a video that way.

Either way, once you record the video you want to upload it natively to every platform!

So, that means you want to upload the video to LinkedIn first, and then Facebook, and then Twitter. Each of those platforms on their own, and then also upload it to YouTube which you can then share it to your website or blog.

So I know that seems like an extra step, but every social media platform is now prioritizing natively uploaded videos in their platforms.

So, that just means they don’t want you to upload the link to YouTube because then that’s potentially going to diverge people over to YouTube to watch the video, right?

They want you to keep people on their platforms, so you want to upload it to every single individual platform rather than just sharing the link.

So, those are a few quick and easy tips for you today hopefully they are compelling enough to get you started using video in 2019!