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Mythbusters Monday: LinkedIn Algorithm Changes – 4 Ways to Get Your Posts to Rank Higher in News Feeds

Are you tired of having the same people show up over and over again in your LinkedIn newsfeed? If so, we have some great advice for you! Twenty Over Ten, CMO Samantha Russell shares 4 tips from Pete Davies, the senior director of product management at LinkedIn, on how the algorithm feed works. With these tips, you can change what content you see in your feed!

Video Transcript

Curious why the same people keep showing up in your LinkedIn news feed over and over again? LinkedIn recently made numerous changes to its algorithm. But it’s a good thing! Listen on for four great tips on how you can make the new LinkedIn algorithm work in your favor.

Tip #1: Hashtags Matter

So the first take away is that hashtags do matter, but you don’t want to use more than three hashtags per post. So what Pete said is that hashtags are really powerful in helping people comb through all the content and find content that is interesting to them, relevant to what they want to follow. However, when you use more than three hashtags, you dilute the power of any single one right. So if you have 20 hashtags on a post you’re going to have a lot less association between your hashtag and your content because you have 20 of them, whereas if you only have three, it’s a lot more powerful. So keep it to 3 or less when it comes to hashtags.

Tip #2: Tagging Helps

The second thing that Pete shared is that tagging also does help. So if you use the little “@” symbol and tag other people in your post or in the comments, that’s a great way to get your post seen by a lot more people as well. However, he also mentioned paying attention to the total number of people you tagged. You only want to tag people that are actually relevant to the conversation number one and number two, you want to keep it to 5 or less tags per post. So that’s tip number two.

Tip #3: Be More Niche vs. Broad

The third tip and piece of advice that he gave was to be more niche vs. broad. So for instance, if you’re a financial advisor and you work with retirees, you know, people preparing for retirement, retirement planning. You wouldn’t want to just talk about retirement planning because that’s too broad of a topic. You might want to focus it down to retirement planning for small business owners because that’s somebody you help right and with the hashtags that you use, again, you want to be much more niche focused.

For instance, here at Twenty Over Ten, we don’t just specialize in website design and marketing, but website design and marketing for those in the financial services industry. So the more niche you can be, the better chance you have of your content hitting the right people.

Tip #4: Be Strategic

And the fourth tip is just something more generally about the way that LinkedIn looks at your connections and the power of who should see your post. So Pete did say that, of course when they are looking at who to show what content to in the algorithm, because some people have so many first-degree connections and they also follow so many companies, they have to be able to prioritize it even further than that, right?

So what they look at is let’s say somebody who’s a first-degree connection follows the hashtag “#digitalmarketing,” and you post a piece of content, and you also use the hashtag digital marketing in your content, then your post will almost certainly be much more likely to show up in that first degrees connection’s feed right because they follow you as a connection, and they also are following the hashtag that you’re posting in.

So this just helps us kind of make more sense of when we see content in our feed, and why certain posts get elevated more than others. So I hope these tips were helpful for you today. If you want more digital marketing tips specifically for financial advisors or small business owners, head over to our YouTube page and subscribe. We share videos every week, and we hope that you have a great week.

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