Mythbusters Monday: January 7, 2019

3 Things You MUST Do to Rank in the Top 3 for Local Searches in Google

Are you looking to generate traffic and drive more quality leads to your advisor website? Well,  there are THREE things that you must do in order to show up in local searches.  In today’s Mythbusters Monday, Samantha Russell, chief marketing and business development officer at Twenty Over Ten explains more about how you can include these top factors to ensure that you show up in Google’s local searches.

Video Transcription

So whenever someone is doing a local search for business. Maybe they’d write “financial advisor Cleveland, Ohio” or “financial planning firm Orlando, Florida” in their Google search box and they’re going to get a list of results.

You’ll notice that at the top there’s always going to be a map, and then three results highlighted underneath it. Businesses where it might have a couple of reviews of it. It could have a link to get directions or to the visit their website or even to call them.

That is called the Google local three pack and those three businesses have been chosen by Google to be featured at the top of the organic listings.

What research tells us is that those three that are pulled to the top those three listings are gonna get 66% of all clicks from people doing a search so this is a huge opportunity for your business.

If you can get your business listed in that local three pack it might seem daunting, and you might think oh there’s no way my business will be able to compete.

But I’m here to tell you three things that you can do to really increase your chances of being one of those businesses featured:

1. Set up and optimize your Google my business listing

And by optimized, I mean don’t just create a free Google my business account, but you want to add photos of your business, your office space, maybe the people that work there and your logo. You want to have links relevant content you produce, put your hours of operation and make sure they’re up to date. Anything you can do to build a completely robust profile, and I’ll put a link to a blog post that we have that explains more about how to optimize your Google my business listing.

2. Make sure that your company’s NAP data is on every single page of your website

NAP data, which stands for name, address, and phone number should be on every single page of your website. So, no longer just having it on the contact page suffices. What we recommend is just go ahead and put that all in the footer of your website so it’s just automatically going to be there any time you create a new page. The footer will auto replicate and you’ll have it there on every page just make sure that you stick to one standard way to outline your contact information. So, if you always spell out suite, don’t shorten it to ste. You know on one page Google wants it to be spelled out the exact same way all over the Internet to make sure that they understand that your business.

3. Get reviews

So this is a little bit more controversial. I know for the longest time advisors were being told you don’t want to have reviews but Google will allow anyone to go online and create a review and there’s nothing any of us can do to stop them from doing that. It’s not against any of the rules to have a review. What is against the rules of compliance, is to somehow engage with the reviewers so that it is being perceived that you’re trying to get more positive reviews or deter people from leaving the negative review. So, when you do get a review you actually don’t want to leave any comments on it right you don’t want to say: “hey, thanks for the great review” or if somebody who’s a critical review you don’t want to try to refute anything or engage with them in any way shape or form. I’ll have another video about the reviews in more detail, but if you go and you look at any of those local 3-pack listings you’ll notice that the businesses that have their reviews are typically the ones that are featured, and that’s because Google is really prioritizing reviews. It’s considered to be user feedback and they know that people trust businesses that have reviews more than those that don’t.

So those are the three things to recap:

1. Get, set up and optimize Google my business profile
2. Have your NAP…your name, address and phone number data on every single page of your web pages in all landing pages.
3. Get reviews on Google. 

If you do those three things you will have a much much better chance of getting your business in that local three pack so try it out and let me know how it goes!