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Mythbusters Monday: February 18, 2019

Which Socia Media Platform Should Your Personal Finance Business Use?

There’s no denying it, social media is everywhere these days! If you are not using social media as a financial advisor, then you are really missing out on opportunities to increase SEO. Should you be on every platform though? Twenty Over Ten CMO Samantha Russell shares her tips for which social media platform you should be using for your personal finance business.


So, let’s talk social media platforms. Which platforms should you be using to get leads is it LinkedIn or Twitter or Facebook or Instagram that is going to actually help you find people that could become prospects and then clients?

So, there’s a lot of mixed opinions about this and after working with hundreds of advisors personally and then our company, in general working with thousands of advisers our data shows this in terms of which platform you should be on of course. It’s gonna be specific to your business and who you’re specifically trying to reach, right?

Which Platforms Should You Use?

So, if you want to engage with retirees. Most retirees are not going to be on LinkedIn actively because it’s a professional network.


For those who are still working, a lot of retirees will be on Facebook daily though, because that’s where they’re gonna go to see pictures of their grandkids or their kids and those in their family.

So, if you can build a personal relationship with your own clients there and get them commenting or liking on your Facebook posts then their friends and those in their network will have a much higher probability of seeing those posts which can get you in front of them, right?


If you are specifically working with business owners and maybe helping business owners formulate 401(k) offerings, then you’re gonna be usually much better off investing in a platform like LinkedIn.

Which again, caters to that professional network.


Twitter we find is a really great platform for advisors who want to keep a pulse on what’s going on with other advisors.

It’s a great place to keep abreast of the latest technology to connect with FinTech firms and vendors to keep an eye on what’s going on with the conference circuit and also to connect with journalists so maybe to get your own blog or thought leadership picked up in the press.


Instagram is really showing up a lot more with millennials. That’s a platform that is getting a ton of use and people are flocking to it, so if you can come up with great content and carry a great content experience there Instagram could be powerful for you.

So, those are some just thoughts about which platform you might want to consider using depending on who your audience is and think of a little bit more closely about who you serve and where they’re most likely to be spending their time that’s where you want to be.