Mythbusters Monday: February 11, 2019

How to Achieve Authenticity in Your Email Marketing

No one wants another boring email in their inbox. Email marketing is a great way drip on prospects overtime and to build your firm’s name. But, email campaigns are useless if potential clients aren’t reading and connecting with what you send them. Twenty Over Ten CMO Samantha Russell shares her tips for an email campaign that breaks through inbox clutter by using authenticity and personality!


So, one of the core strategies of any inbound marketing campaign is email.

Using email marketing to drip on people over time so that you stay top of mind and when they finally are ready to work with a financial advisor you’re the person that they think of.

But how do you make those emails interesting? How do you make it so that people actually want to read them? And better yet, even maybe reply to them or click on the links that you share?

So, I have some real examples for you about how to use authenticity and personal information about yourself to make connections with complete strangers via email.

Getting Personal

The first example is from an advisor that I’ve worked with he sends an email every week on Tuesdays to anyone who has engaged with him online that’s truly just a cold lead right. So, somebody has signed up for his blog weekly or they’ve engaged with him on LinkedIn and he got his their email there so he sends an email every week on Tuesday and in the email he has a link or two to a couple articles he’s read that he thinks they might find interesting.Then, he’ll have a link to his own blog post his own content that he’s created and then this is the interesting part and this is actually the piece that gets the most responses from his audience.At the end he always does some sort of little throwback, right. So, “hey does anybody remember this song from the 80s? I’m listening to it on repeat this week.” Or, “I love this show when I was in high school does anyone else remember it? I was just talking about it over dinner with my son.” 

So, it’s some sort of throwback memory but that is always the piece of his email that gets people responding to him. People he’s never even met before they love it. It brings back memories for them and it also shows that he’s a real you know person with interests and background and maybe things that they’re interested in too.

So, you can try this out if you have little kids and you work with lots of young families you know maybe you in your emails include information about the latest milestones with your little ones. Whatever the case may be, use email to make the connection. But you have to get personal in order to do that. So give it a try and let us know if it works for you!