Mythbusters Monday: December 31, 2018

The One Copywriting Trick That Will Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate

Numbers are everywhere and not just in the financial services industry. Studies show that headlines with numbers receive at least a 30% higher conversion rate than those without numbers. In today’s special New Year’s Eve Mythbusters Monday, Samantha Russell, chief marketing and business development officer at Twenty Over Ten explains more about how you can use numbers in your headlines to boost your website conversion rate.

Video Transcription

So I want to talk to one of the things that marketers know and have been doing for a really long time is that we understand when we break things down and make it really easy for someone to know exactly what they’re gonna get when they either go to read a piece of content or click on it is we will see a much higher conversion rate.

So conversion rate means how many people actually click through to your content or download that content if it’s a gated piece of content.

So how you can use numbers to really improve your conversion rate?

It’s actually pretty simple! Whenever you’re writing a blog post or you’re developing a piece of content whatever the title is go back look at how many points you’ve created and then turn that number into a part of your headline.

So let’s say you’re writing an article about what you should do in the year leading up to retirement instead if you changed it to the 12 months before retirement a twelve-step guide.

That is gonna get you many many more clicks and conversions.

Or let’s say you had an article to say things to ask your financial advisor when it comes to taxes in retirement if you change that to “10 questions to ask your financial advisor before retiring” or “10 questions to ask your financial adviser about your tax situation in retirement.”

Either of those where you include those numbers is going to get you a much higher ROI.

And the reason is simple right?

We as human beings like to know exactly what we’re gonna get when we make a commitment. So whether the commitment is something as easy as clicking a button to be taken to another page or giving up our email address so that we can get a download we will like those numbers we like those action items and those how-to guides.

So try it out with your content. Include numbers in your headlines and see if your conversions go up I’d love to hear if they do!