Mythbusters Monday: December 17, 2018

Imagery: The Importance of Using Images on Your Website

If you are not using strong imagery on your advisor site, then you are really missing out, as visitors respond much stronger to images versus only text. In today’s Mythbusters Monday, Samantha Russell, chief marketing and business development officer at Twenty Over Ten explains more about the importance of using strong imagery on your financial advisor website and how it can increase your SEO.

Video Transcription

So, let’s talk a little bit about imagery. A really popular question we get is, where can I find images to use on my website, on my blog, on hidden pages. We know that when you use really strong imagery, that your clickthrough rates and your open rates will be much higher. Because as human beings we respond much more strongly to images than to pure text.

Resources for Images

There’s actually some really, really great resources out there that are 100% completely free. where you can find a plethora of images and they are constantly being updated so photographers from around the country will add their new images every single day even. So there’s just this giant repository of images that you can sift through and you can sort by topics or by keyword when you’re looking for images. They are 100% royalty free so you can use them on your website, your blog, your email marketing, we always like to source where we’re getting it from and name the photographer of course.

I’ll put a link below of the top ten websites for these kinds of stock photos that we like. What you’ll find is that they’re not your typical clip art style stock photos. They have much more of an authentic feel to them, and so those are really great.

10 of Our Favorite Sites For Free Stock Photos

Using Canva

You can always take it one step further too, which is something that we’ve done here at Twenty Over Ten for a long time, and if you use a free tool, for instance, something like Canva, so that’s C-A-N-V-A. Again, I’ll link to it below.

Create beautiful designs with your team.

You can use Canva to upload your image and then add text over it. So, maybe you want to have the top ten things in the year leading up to retirement and it’s like a checklist style blog post. If you want to put that title right on the image, Canva will allow you to do it, and they even have a free version that I highly recommend. It’s super easy to use really quick to get going, so whether it’s yourself, an admin or an intern doing this for you. It’s a great strategy. so again using these types of free imagery and tools can really go a long way in getting more people to actually click on your blog post and engage with them.

Good luck and let me know if you try it out, thanks!