Mythbusters Monday: December 10, 2018

Internal Linking: The Biggest SEO Missed Opportunity

On any given page of your website or blog search engines need to see content in order to rank your pages among all the others. In addition to that content, they also need a link structure they can crawl in order to find all of the pages on your website (aka your website’s architecture). In today’s Mythbusters Monday, Samantha Russell, chief marketing and business development officer at Twenty Over Ten explains more about this big SEO mistake and how you can fix it today.

Video Transcription

A quick tip I just wanted to share with you all today about link building.

When we think about building links we’re often thinking about building links from outside our website linking back to our website right?

We know that that will promote more traffic improve our search engine optimization and get more people finding us online which is all great but one of the things that I see happening over and over again and it’s a huge huge mistake and missed opportunity is people not linking within their own website between pages.

So whenever you post a new blog a new article any new piece of content to your site ideally you want to have at least two links from that page to other pages on your website.

Orphan Pages

So we never ever want to have what we call an orphan page which is a page that has no links going to it and no links from it to other pages of our site.

And that’s really because it’s kind of like the wasteland of content right no one is going be able to find your page when that happens but also we’re really missing a huge opportunity to build a better SEO strategy and keep viewers on our site longer.

How Internal Linking Will Improve Your SEO

If I’m reading a blog post and I really find the topic engaging and the content is valuable and the writer links to other relevant articles within that post I’m going to be much more likely to click those and keep on reading right?

Other articles that they’ve read we see people doing this all of the time on other news organization sites that we go to other bloggers yet when I look at 99% of the advisor websites that I’ll review this is a huge thing that so many people are forgetting to do.

How You Can Start Building More Internal Links Today

So once you have launched your blog if you’ve got a hundred blog posts it can be a lot more intimidating to go back and have to add links for all of those right?

So if you’re gonna start today any new posts that you add make sure you’re linking out to other content you can go back look at other relevant posts you can link to other pages on your site and then over time look at any post you’ve already published so go to your backlog and maybe make it a point to do one a day or
three a week you know on Mondays go back and add links to old post to get them optimized for the future.

So that’s just a quick tip for you on this beautiful fall Wednesday, have a good one!