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Mythbusters Monday: 7 Daily Habits To Become A Successful Content Creator

Content marketing can be really beneficial to your business, but it definitely takes work. Twenty Over Ten, CMO Samantha Russell shares seven habits of highly successful content creators.

Video Transcript

So you’ve seen other people online using content marketing to grow their business, bring awareness to their company, and make their brand one that people can’t stop talking about. So, of course, you want to do the same thing, right? Well today, I’m going to share with you the seven habits of highly successful content creators. If you follow these habits and get in the routine of doing these things daily and weekly, you can be just as successful in growing your business and building awareness for your company using content marketing.

Fair warning though. This is not going to happen overnight. Like all good things, this will take time. So the number one thing I want you to keep in the back of your mind is that you need to stick with it like any other habit that you have, whether it’s working out or getting your finances in order. It’s not going to happen overnight. So keep that in mind. I’m Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten and let’s dive in.

Habit #1: Read About Your Industry Daily

So habit number one- read about your industry and what’s going on daily. Scour information, look at what trends are coming out, what people are talking about so that you can write about it.

Habit #2: Get To Know Your Audience

Tip number two- know your audience. I like to keep a list of every question I get asked by our target audience, which is financial advisors, in an Evernote app. And anytime anyone asks me anything, I write it down because it could potentially be the topic of a future piece of content I create, whether that’s a video like this or a long-form blog post.

Habit #3: Regularly Produce Content

Number three- produce content regularly. Just like any other habit, the more you do it the better you will get at it and also, the more you do it the more it will stick. So I recommend producing one long piece of content at least weekly, and then, of course, you can be on social media typing up your thoughts and having commentary on other topics at least twice a day.

Habit #4: Be Active On Social Media

So that leads me to point number four, which is you need to be active on social media and post at least twice a day for optimal traction.

Habit #5: Curate Other People’s Content

Habit number five is that you want to curate other people’s content. So when you’re out there and you’re reading all this great industry news, look and see what people are talking about. What’s interesting? What’s gaining traction? You can do a round-up style blog post. We do this on our blog every week, where we’ll pick 5 articles that we think that our audience should be reading and we’ll feature them on Monday morning. Then on social media, we post that blog post, and we tag all of the companies and articles that we feature. It’s a great way to get some reshares from other influencers and get your brand in front of others who may not know about you yet.

Habit #6: Offer Solutions And Tangible Practical Advice

So habit number six is to offer solutions and tangible practical advice – not just commentary – on problems. Right? So if you read a really great article where they’re talking about a problem facing your audience today, don’t just comment on it, but offer a tangible solution or take away that people can utilize in their own daily life.

Habit #7: Network Regularly

Number seven- network regularly. Networking today looks very different than in just 15 or 20 years ago. What I mean by network regularly is network with your online community via social media. Comment, like, and reshare other influencers and other people that you’re following online. Engage with their posts and their thought leadership so that when you go and you’re posting your own, they’re going to want to do the same for you number one, but number two, anytime you’re commenting on a post by a highly read influencer, everybody who sees their post has the opportunity to check your profile out and get to know you as well.

So those are the 7 habits of highly successful content creators. If you would like to get even more digital marketing tips that you can use, we share a practical tip every Monday morning on our YouTube channel, so make sure you subscribe. Again, I’m Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten. Have a great week everyone.

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