Local SEO: How Financial Advisors Can Book More Meetings With Google Posts

You’ve probably heard of Google My Business by now, but are you taking advantage of all its features?

Google Posts is the micro-blogging part of your Google My Business dashboard, which instantly populates content to your Knowledge Panel and individual listing. To us, this sounds like a great opportunity to squeeze some fresh local SEO juice, impact your local rankings and increase your visibility in online search.

It seems like Google built this feature with e-commerce/ retail businesses in mind, but there are still ways that advisors can use it to their advantage. There aren’t many advisors using this tool yet, which gives you a leg up on your local competition. Today, we’ll explore how advisors can use it to boost your bookings.

How to Use Book More Meetings With Google Posts

We’re willing to bet that you use an online meeting scheduling tool, like Calendly or ScheduleOnce (and if you aren’t, get one ASAP!). While these are great to feature on your website, they’re pretty hard to integrate into your Google My Business listing. To get around this issue, businesses have started realizing that Google Posts can be a great vehicle to essentially get the same result.

By posting a CTA image and linking it to your scheduling page, you can capture the attention of searchers and make it easier for them to schedule a meeting. The easier you make it for the lead to find and follow through with contact information, the more likely it is they’ll actually book an initial meeting.

Once you create the post with the CTA image you’ve created, users can see it in Google SERP’s and Google maps when searching for a company’s brand, as shown in the image below. The information appears in the knowledge graph to the right side of the search results, on both desktop and mobile devices!

By linking this to your online scheduling app, leads can click on the image and be taken directly to your site where the booking widget is opened and an appointment can be selected from a calendar. Easy as pie! 🥧 Let’s walk through step by step.

But before you start adding posts, you’ll need to set up your Google My Business first! Click here to walk through how to set up and get started.

1.  Add a New Post

Log into your Google My Business dashboard and click the “Posts” tab in the left menu.

2. Add a Button

Decide which of the “Buttons” options is the right fit for your firm’s CTA. It could be “Book,” or it could be something else, like “Sign up” or “Buy.” “Add a Button” option in the Google Posts wizard. Be sure the URL you enter includes a UTM parameter for tracking purposes.

3. Make the CTA Image

Your format should be a 750×750 image with 42-point font. Keep the text centered so that you don’t have problems with cropping later. We recommend using Canva, a free graphic design tool that is easy to get the hang of and comes with plenty of free templates. You can experiment with colors, images, fonts, etc… but keep it simple and on brand. Like we mentioned, make this seem as button-like as you can and make it stand out! 

For more help with writing a killer CTA, check out this article.

Canva is a great tool to make your own eye-catching graphics for Google Posts.

4. Upload the Image

You may need to experiment with cropping the image here. Make sure all the test is visible and that the text is big enough to skim!

5. Write Additional Copy

Text on Google Posts has a minimum 100-word and maximum 300-word limit. It’s important to note that you should write something that entices leads to click to read beyond the cut-off point. These posts are also indexed content, so you should keep keywords and language in mind as well! For more help with writing short, attention-grabbing copy, you can apply the same rules as headlines. Check out this article for more in-depth help! 

6. Keep it Updated

Beware, you’ll have to keep these up-to-date every 7 days. Google Posts expire after 7 days, so you’ll have to create a new Posts before then. The good thing is, this allows you to mix up the content and images used for any CTA. Other than CTAs for booking meetings, you can also use them for sign-ups for any lunch-and-learn series, seminars, or workshops you provide! 

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