Four New Features Assist Advisory Firms In Generating New Clients Virtually

We are incredibly excited to share today a robust line-up of new updates to the Lead Pilot platform that will help advisory businesses improve their inbound marketing efforts. These new additions will enable financial advisors using Lead Pilot to better manage their marketing efforts in less time, and grow their businesses virtually. The platform now boasts the addition of curated automated drip campaigns, gated content, Facebook Pixel for retargeting content readers and pre-written weekly market summaries.

New Ways to Reach Clients and Prospects With Curated Automated Drip Campaigns

With curated automated drip campaigns, advisors have a fast and easy way to launch 30, 60 and 90-day campaigns designed to nurture prospects and clients along their journey. Lead Pilot’s curated campaigns take a cross-channel approach combining email marketing, social media, and landing pages to lead to stronger engagement and healthier relationships. 

Once logged into their account, users can easily peruse and preview the contents of a campaign at a glance. Users have the option to completely customize the campaigns or use them out of the box. Campaign customizations include: 

  • Email preview text, subject line, imagery, and body content.
  • Day and time of content distribution.
  • Social media sharing descriptions and images.

Managing and Growing Lead Gen With Gated Content

It’s easier than ever for advisors to generate gated content using the latest updates to the Lead Pilot platform. With content block subscribe forms, users can customize the content for their pop-ups to be displayed on a particular landing page. Pop-ups enable advisory firms to collect contact information from prospects including name, email address and phone number before the content is displayed for visitors.

gated content for financial advisors

New Integration With Facebook Pixel to Track Ad Campaign Performance

Lead Pilot users now have the opportunity to collect more data and track conversions from Facebook ads and build targeted landing pages for ads with Lead Pilot’s new Facebook Pixel integration. This new integration works by placing and triggering cookies to track users as they interact with advisors’ landing pages and their Facebook ads.

Lead Pilot makes setting up your Facebook Pixel’s easier than ever. Add in your Pixel ID once and all of your landing pages will automatically incorporate the full Facebook Pixel code. Advisors won’t have to worry about remembering to add it to each landing page or every campaign that they run, they’ll simply add it once and f

facebook pixel for financial advisors

A Faster Way for Advisory Businesses to Produce Weekly Market Summaries

In partnership with Lead Pilot continues to add to its unique, ever-growing content library for financial advisors with the addition of weekly market summaries. With the volatility of the current market and fluctuating economy, Lead Pilot users can now keep their clients and prospects abreast of the week’s top headlines by sharing these pre-written weekly recaps of market activity and events, featuring commentary and analysis written with individual investors in mind.

weekly market summaries for financial advisors


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