Introducing Automated Marketing Campaigns

Our team has been working hard behind the scenes to deliver our next big feature: automated campaigns. Automated campaigns are designed to win you constant engagement from your prospects and clients while you go about tending to the other important details of running your business.

What are Automated Campaigns?

We’re glad you asked! Automated campaigns in Lead Pilot are personalized, timely, and extremely relevant to your clients and prospects. As opposed to a traditional email marketing campaign, like a newsletter or a one-off message, automated campaigns are a combination of landing pages, emails and social media posts. And if you needed another reason to hop on the automated campaigns train – automated emails alone get 86% higher open rates, produce a 196% increase in click-through rates, and generate 320% more revenue than standard promotional emails.

The beauty behind launching an automated campaign in Lead Pilot is that once you set it up, your emails and social media posts will continue to be sent out on your behalf until you stop it – you never have to lift a finger! Having a marketing automation software you can lean on to launch campaigns is key to give your businesses the edge it needs to generate additional revenue and develop strong relationships with your prospects and clients. It’s nearly impossible to interact with all your potential leads manually.

Marketing Personalization at Scale With Campaigns

Automation lays the groundwork to achieve true marketing personalization. Research shows that personalized messages have double the click rates and triple the conversion rates of broadcast messages. The more granular your user segmentation, the more campaigns are required. The Lead Pilot campaigns feature allows you to scale your firm’s personalized marketing strategy. The more campaigns you can put on autopilot, the more bandwidth you’ll have to devote to properly segmenting your contacts and create new campaigns on the fly to ensure that each audience receives a personalized message.

Can I Start Using Automated Campaigns Right Away?

Yes. Absolutely! Currently, the Lead Pilot platform is equipped with DIY campaigns. Meaning, you are able to build your own campaigns from scratch to suit your unique audiences. Watch the quick (less than eight minutes!) tutorial video below to see how it’s done.

Spoiler alert: In the near future we will have pre-loaded campaigns, which will be pre-built campaigns tailored to a wide variety of audience types including pre-retirees, widows, divorcees, millennials and more. Stay tuned!

How Do I Get Started With Campaigns?

Creating automated marketing campaigns in Lead Pilot is simple.

To create a campaign

1. Click “Campaigns” at the top of your screen or visit the “Campaigns” page.

2. Click the “Create Campaign” button in the top right corner:

3. Name your campaign and then click “Select Content”:

4. A side-window will open, allowing you to choose content from our library or from your drafts folder:

5. Select your content and then click the “Confirm” button:

6. Click the “Share Settings” button beneath the content:

7. Select your platforms to share to and customize your social content and select your email recipients using the above linked articles as a guide.

8. Select which day you want the content to be shared at:

All campaign content will be shared at 9am EST

9. Click the “+” button to add more content and repeat the above steps to schedule another piece of content.

10. Click the “Save Campaign” button in the right corner to save your campaign.

Please note that this won’t start your campaign, it will only save it

To start or schedule a campaign

1. Click “Campaigns” at the top of your screen or visit the “Campaigns” page.

2. Click the “…” to the right of your campaign to select “View/Edit/Start/Stop”:

3. Click “Start Campaign” in the top right corner to start your campaign at 9am EST:

4. Click the arrow next to “Start Campaign” to select “Custom Start Date” from the dropdown:

5. Select a date to begin your campaign:

Get Started With Lead Pilot Campaigns Today

Don’t get us wrong, newsletters and one-off email campaigns will always be a mainstay in your email marketing strategy. However, there is a huge shift happening in how your clients and potential clients want to be communicated with and because automated campaigns are generally more personalized and effective than one-off campaigns – as they’re triggered to send based on a unique quality to each of your contacts. Campaigns in Lead Pilot hold so much potential to save yourself some time and grow revenue for your firm. So, are you excited about campaigns as we are? Schedule your 1:1 demo today to get started or register for free and test it out for 7 days.

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