How to Write Effective Copy Using Lead Pilot

Lead Pilot’s capabilities allow financial advisors to manage all of their marketing in one place. That’s right, all in one place. From content creation to landing pages, from social media scheduling to email marketing; Lead Pilot has got you covered. But, how to make the most of the content available to you within the Lead Pilot platform?

How Do You Make Your Copy Most Effective Using Lead Pilot?

We often get asked, “How do I make my copy most effective using Lead Pilot?”. This is a great question and we are excited to answer it and share more about Lead Pilot’s capabilities to help you grow your financial advising business. Now that you are on the Lead Pilot platform, what do you need to do to ensure that you are reaping the benefits of Lead Pilot’s offerings? Below we will answer this frequently asked question in depth.

Take A Look At Your Clients 

It’s so important to focus on your clients’ pain points. For example, take a look at your contacts and identify what life stage they’re currently in. Maybe they’re planning to send their first children to college in 2020 and they need to start planning and budgeting now for that. Take a look through the Lead Pilot library and pick out an article on how to properly budget to send your children to college, for example. Send that particular piece of content directly to them. This helps your clients feel comforted that you’re listening to their needs and are being forward-thinking and providing them helpful tips for the next juncture in their life.

To choose content that is specifically tailored for your clients within the Lead Pilot platform, follow the steps below:

1. Click “Content” at the top of your screen.

2. This will automatically open the “Explore Content Library”

3. To find content related to specific categories or personas, scroll right and click “Filter Content”: 

4. Select the categories you’d like to filter for. Click “Clear All Filters” to start over:

5. You also have the option to filter by personas:

6. You can also search for content by typing into the “Search for Content…” box:

7. Click on the content you’d like to post. This will open a side window on the right:

8. If you’re ready to share the content as-is, please read the “Share Content” article.
9. To customize your content before sharing, first click the “Create Draft” button:

Tailor Your Landing Page Content 

Did you know that you only have 8 seconds to make an impression on a landing page? With a statistic like that, it’s essential that you customize your content to catch the attention of website visitors so they stay on your page longer. You want website and landing page visitors to feel connected to the content you share on your website and landing pages. Consider what your niche audience wants to learn more about or may have concerns about and make a point to share content about those certain subjects to show them your value.

In the video below, Twenty Over Ten’s CMO, Samantha Russell shares helpful tips and ideas as to how you can take the content in your Lead Pilot library and massage it a bit to add your own spin and flavor to it. Again, as mentioned above, editing the content within your Lead Pilot library will meet your clients where they. We suggest addressing your client’s pain points while also humanizing your brand and which will position you as the thought leader.

Customize Your Email Content

Within Lead Pilot you have the ability to customize your email subject line. We recommend taking a look at editing the main headline and the body content within your emails to personalize your email campaigns and alter them to appeal to your niche audience. Similar to the point above, think about the audience your sending the email to and personalize the content you’re sharing with them. Send a personal note along with the article as to why you think it might be beneficial for them to read and how it can help address their pain points. You can find some additional tips on creating killer email campaigns on our blog here.

Here are the steps to edit the subject line and preview content in an email before it gets sent in the Lead Pilot platform:

1. Click the “Share” button at the top of your “Edit Draft” side window. This will open a “Share Settings” side window:

2. Click the email toggle button so it turns green and then click “Customize.” A          customization menu will appear below:

The “From” and “To” fields will already be populated with your email address and subscribed contacts. The “Subject” line will be populated with your content’s title:

3. Click “Subject” to change the text that will appear in the subject line of your email.

Here’s a guide to creating a strong subject line!

4. The layout of your email will be based on your email design template and the content you’ve created. If you want to change the preview image that will appear in the email, click the “Change Image” button to upload a new picture:

5. Below the image are text fields for your post. Click on any of the text to delete, edit, or write additional words:

6. At the bottom of the side window is the “Preview Text” field. Here, you can type in what you want to appear next to the subject line in someone’s inbox:

7. Once you’re ready to share, either “Schedule for Later” or click “Post” to send.

Last But Not Least 

If you’re justing getting started with Lead Pilot these tips will help you fully take advantage of Lead Pilot’s capabilities to help you enhance your marketing strategy and grow your business. We encourage you to explore Lead Pilot and learn more about all that you can do within the platform!

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