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How To Utilize Instagram To Grow Your Business

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and found a service that really interests you so you check out their profile for more information? In today’s video Samantha Russell, Chief Evangelist for Twenty Over Ten and FMG Suite sits down with Thomas Kopelman of RLSWealth to talk about how he gained 4-5 new clients just from Instagram.

Tips To Gain More Clients Through Instagram

1. Ask Your Followers What They Want To Learn About

Whether it be through sharing tweets from other advisors or posting an “ask questions” button on your story. Thomas posts a weekly “Questions” story each Thursday stating “What’re your financial questions this week”. From there he is able to view all questions asked and respond to them with a picture or even personalized video response.

2. Using Stories To Talk To Your Followers

A lot of people may not be the best or most fluent when it comes to editing full length videos. Instagram stories has allowed Thomas to have his face on the camera and directly talk to his followers at any time of the day. Thomas even uses these topics from his stories to create new content for his blog posts.

3. Adding Story Highlights To Your Profile

Instagram allows for users to add previously posted stories onto a “highlight” section that will appear on their main profile. Thomas uses story highlights in order to post previously asked questions for anyone to view at anytime. This is especially helpful for new clients first checking out a new profile.

4. Connecting With The RIGHT People

How many followers you have isn’t everything. Many think that in order to see results that you may need a massive audience, which is NOT TRUE. Having 100 natural, engaged followers can generate more business than having 500 followers that you paid for that don’t interact with your content.

If you got this video was helpful, please give us a thumbs up or leave a comment below of what tip you thought was most helpful. And of course, if you have any questions, let us know, and we will see you back next week for another marketing tip.