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How to Promote Your Content on Social Media: A Guide for Financial Advisors

If you’re putting in the time and effort to write blogs for your advisor business, we know you want as many people to read it as possible so the work doesn’t go to waste. Cross promotion is a key factor to generate exposure for your firm and ultimately turn potential leads into clients. There are over 3 billion people that are active social media users, which makes any social platform a cross promotional gold mine.

It’s important to actually share content and engage with your audience on all platforms, but different platforms have different tricks of the trade. Keep reading to master blog promotion across key social media platforms for financial advisors!

Basics of Successful Cross Promotion

As an advisor, you work with all different types of clientele who are looking for guidance in different areas of their life. Because of this, you cannot simply use the same message across the board and expect to see results. To effectively cross promote your work, you need to tailor your message to each individual platform.

For example, when promoting your blog content on LinkedIn, you’ll want to come across as more professional, while Facebook should be professional as well but you can have a little more fun with how your message comes across. On Twitter, you have a limited amount of characters, so it’s a balance of effectively promoting your work in a limited amount of space.

Below, you can see how a financial advisor business, BPP Wealth Solutions LLC, shared an article on the topic of flood insurance to both their Twitter (image 1) and LinkedIn accounts (image 2) with the same link and picture but with slightly different wording to tailor to their different audiences.

An important commonality between Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is the impact of visuals. Before sharing your new content across your social channels, it’s always a good idea to create different types of visuals right after you finish writing. Doing so will keep your content fresh and interesting, and make scheduling content across various social platforms easier. You can easily create graphics for your social posts with tools like Canva and Unsplash. Important 🚨 be sure to tag any people or businesses that are mentioned in the post. This will make sure they see the post and interact with it, they might even share it with their audience, too!

Sharing on Facebook

Facebook has over 2 billion active users, so you have to be promoting your content on this platform. When posting to Facebook, remember that up to 10,000 characters can be used, but only the first 480 are visible on your fans timelines. Be sure to include the most important information up top. However, stats have shown that short and sweet is often the way to go! Posts with fewer than 50 characters in the description have proved to be more engaging than long, drawn-out posts. The best time to post on Facebook is between 1-4PM EST late into the week and on the weekends.

Facebook Sharing Schedule

Day 1 – Share the blog post with a link, graphic, and caption.

Day 3 – Post a video summarizing your new blog post, which is something you can do that puts a face behind the work. Add some fun to it and let clients see what you are doing and the reasoning behind your post. Create a quick video of yourself summarizing the post, which you can even do with your phone, making it even simpler!

Financial advisor business, Wealthkeel LLC has posted a video on their Facebook page to engage with others and share content.

Day 7
 – Turn your written blog content into an infographic! There’s no need to hire a designer to create an infographic. Instead, take a look at these recommended free infographic tools to create something quickly and eye-catching to accompany your new content.

Day 14 – Pose a question with a link to the post. This is a great way to get your followers involved and intrigue them. If they feel as though they can interact with you by answering something they know the answer to, then this can create a positive relationship that can either help generate more leads or make a relationship that is already there even stronger.

Bay Point Wealth Management put a question in their post and the image linked to more information about it.

Tweet it Out!

Like Facebook, Twitter is a great way to reach a broad number of followers. With over 330 million monthly users, you are bound to generate leads when you post your content across this platform.  They are now allowing users to tweet beyond the original 140 character limit, but it’s still known as the platform where users can quickly compose a short message to get their point across.

Now that users can use more characters, it’s a great opportunity to provide more context with the chance to have better conversation, among many other positives. There are many ways to make this platform the most effective for your business and for sharing your content. You should tweet between 12-3 p.m. EST Monday through Friday for optimal post performance.

Twitter Sharing Schedule

Day 1 – Tweet a link to your post. The more hashtags that are used, then the more searchable your content can become. We recommend using two to three hashtags on posts to initiate and increase search-ability, but posting too many hashtags can be obnoxious. The content can get lost in the amount of hashtags. It’s helpful to also have links to click within your post. With a free tool called Click to Tweet, you can create shorter, clickable links quickly and easily.

Financial advisor business, Bay Point Wealth Management, integrates hashtags into their post, as well as, posts an image containing the necessary information.

Day 1 (four hours later)
 – Change the text and tweet a second link to your post. The “lifespan” of a tweet is about 18 minutes, so it is wise to share your post more than once a day. It can be shared up to four times a day initially, but then slow the posts down to weekly and monthly as time goes on.

Day 3 – Share a clip of the same video you created for Facebook. Research has shown that sharing video on your social media platforms can increase: brand awareness, brand sentiment and purchase intent.

WealthKeel LLC has a video on their twitter that gives potential customers a quick introduction to the owner and the company.

Day 14
 – Share another link with an image. With this, you are showing more information about your content and including a similar image, but one that is different. Continue the conversation but by varying it up too.

Wealthkeel LLC, posts an image in their tweet to draw in an audience, as well as, asks a question in order to generate conversation over followers.


LinkedIn is great for engaging with other businesses, owners, and others in a professional manner. Sharing your post with an image or a link is what works best on LinkedIn. Make sure that your post is personal and like other platforms, encourage your followers to engage and interact with what you have to say. The best times for you to post on LinkedIn are between the hours of 8 to 10 AM and 4 to 6 PM.

Share your blog post once for the initial promotion and then repeat the post once a week, and then reduce that rate to every two to three months on your LinkedIn profile.

Post to your company page and/or your showcase page depending on your content, but do so at different times or days. You should also consider sharing your blog content in appropriate groups, but use different text depending on the group and target audience, and post on different days and times. This is similar to sharing different content across all the different platforms, as an advisor, you need to tailor it to suit the needs and wants of each individual niche that you are working with.

LinkedIn Sharing Schedule

Day 1 – Share the link post as an update, so that other groups and business can click on the link and see what you are sharing. This helps to start the initial engagement and conversation.

Dan Johnson, CFP® of Forward Thinking Wealth Management, describes the importance of having a niche and how his is different.

Day 1
 (four hours later) – Share your post to LinkedIn Groups, which are are hubs which provide a place for professionals in the same industry to share content, ask questions, post and view jobs and make business contacts.

Dan Johnson, CFP® is in several groups so that he can speak with like-minded people and businesses in the financial community.

Day 7
 – Similar to Facebook, share a quick tip infographic.

Scheduling Tools to Help

Right now we know you’re probably saying “Wow! That sure seems like a lot of posting!” We know it seems overwhelming, but we would never suggest you post all of this manually. That would be exhausting for even the most diligent social media guru and not a good use of your valuable time.

There are several tools that assist in scheduling your posts this way you can set your posts up ahead of time so that you are not constantly scrambling to have something drafted and posted several times throughout the day.

Here are some scheduling tools that will make your life a little easier:

  1. CoSchedule: This is an online marketing calendar that helps you organize and maintain your entire marketing schedule. You are able to implement an entire marketing strategy while creating a “unified workflow” for social, content, email, events. As a business advisor who is trying to balance many different clients at once, this is a great tool to keep things organized.coschedule social media scheduling
  2. HootSuite: With this tool, you have the ability to schedule your social media posts well in advance. Instead of having to manually log into your social media accounts to post articles or various other content specifically at a certain time, you can utilize Hootsuite to schedule your posts in a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. auto scheduling with hootsuite
  3. Hubspot: This tool provides marketing, sales, and CRM Software to grow your business by generating leads and managing your pipeline. They provide numerous products for specific business marketing goals to ultimately increase your online traffic and presence, which is great to use as an advisor, as you are not only managing clients and their finances, but still trying to marketing yourself and your company.

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