Mythbusters Monday: How to Optimize Your Old Blog Posts: Boosting Your Website Traffic

How to Optimize Your Old Blog Posts: Boosting Your Website Traffic

When you write a blog, what do you do with it? Generally, when you create content, you know that it contains important information that can help visitors read it. What do you do when it has been sitting on your site for weeks, months or even years? Join Twenty Over Ten CMO Samatha Russell as she shares compelling tips about how to optimize your old blog posts and revitalize them in order to drive more traffic to your site.


So, I have a quick question to ask you today, which is, how are you managing blog posts that you wrote three months, six months, a year ago, on your website?

For most people, they write their posts, and then they never do anything else with it. They’re just there. They might re-share it on social every once in a while, but that’s it.

My tip for you today is to really come up with a better strategy for how you optimize old blog posts.

So, what research finds, is that for most websites, the way blogs work, you’re gonna continue to get the most bang for your buck with those posts three months, six months, twelve months after you’ve posted them, right?

And the reason for this is simple: the longer your content has been, up the more chance for people to find it online.

The more links that can link back to it so over time that content is going to continue to rank higher and higher.

Of course, having fresh content on your website lets Google know that your site is up-to-date and relevant and that you’re continuing to update it, but what a lot of people forget to do is update and optimize past blog posts.

How To Do You Optimize Posts?

So, it’s pretty simple. What you want to do…you want to at least once a week find an old post, pull it up, and look at since the time you wrote it.

  1. Did you write anything else related to that post you can link to? So, let’s say you wrote a post on planning for retirement, and since then you’ve written two other articles on similar topics, you would add those with links from this old post right? So, now you have links to your fresher content from this old post.
  2. Maybe there was some sort of rule or statistic that you had listed back a year or two years ago when you wrote it and you could update it with fresh information go ahead and swap that out.
  3. You can also update new imagery, even add maybe a paragraph or two that’s fresh and up-to-date content.

Then, you can republish it with those changes on your blog.

We do this all of the time, and we have seen a huge ROI on our own Twenty Over Ten blog when we go back and optimize old blog posts.

A lot of people are not doing this, so if you employ this strategy, you’ll also be really ahead of the game when it comes to how you’re getting more organic traffic to your website.

Additionally, when you’re thinking about old blog posts you can also repurpose them into new content.

So, let’s say you over time have written five different articles about retirement planning.

You could take a little blurb from each one, link to it, and create a round-up post on your blog that you publish as fresh content this month, right?

So, it might be the five must-read articles on retirement planning from Samantha Russell Financial Group, and so now it’s a new blog post that has new links within it, but you’re just linking back to your old content.

So, if you’re not optimizing and repurposing your old blog posts, you definitely should start!

if you have questions for how you can best do this drop a comment below, and we’ll be happy to answer them!